MSI Gaming Laptop

MSI Gaming Notebook

MSI gaming notebook is a high-end gaming notebook carefully crafted by MSI, the world’s leading hardware brand. MSI GAMING series (referred to as the G series) is the main series of MSI gaming notebooks. G-series gaming notebooks use Sairui gaming keyboards, professional killer network cards, and Dynaudio speakers. In addition, the MSI gaming notebook is […]

Best motherboard for gaming

Best Gaming Motherboards: Buying Guide

After a long time, you have finally decided to give yourself a new PC and, since your computer friend has offered to help you, you have every intention of choosing its internal components one at a time. Aware of the “hierarchy” that dominates the hardware of a PC, Best motherboard for gaming you have decided […]

Best emulators for PC

Summary of settings, usage, and introduction of actual game emulator / retro game emulation! FC, SFC, PS2, GBA, DS, etc.!

What is an emulator? ?? Typically, an actual dedicated machine  required to start a game, but it has the advantage that it can  run in a simulated manner in an operating best emulators for pc environment different from the original specifications, and multiple game machines can start on one computer! Copying programs such as BIOS […]

How to turn off windows defender

[Windows 10] Disable Windows Defender permanently

Windows Defender is built into Windows 10, but you can disable it in the GUI, registry, or Group Policy. If you have third-party anti-malware software installed, Windows Defender’s functionality (antivirus) will most likely be disabled. Therefore, it seems that this method is unnecessary, but please check it by the following method. If it is not […]