How do you get bed bugs?

An oval-shaped blood-sucking parasite that feeds on the blood of humans and mammals is called a bedbug. They are usually brownish and reddish-brown. Due to their tiny size can hide easily in wall and furniture cracks, under peeling paint, under light switch plates,  in towels, blankets, mats, clothes, and birds’ and bats’ habitats. It causes no serious infection, but the itching and red spots are prominent symptoms of bedbugs. In the following article, we get to know about How do you get bed bugs? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Causes of bedbugs

Usually, insects are found in dirty places, but bedbugs do not need a grimmy environment. For them, only warm places are enough to live and stay for a long time. Here we will discuss different causes of getting these bed bugs and how to get rid of them. 


The biggest reason for getting bedbugs is traveling. They easily move from one place to another with the luggage, so always take care while leaving a place or hotel and carefully check your luggage and clothes to stop the transfer of these bed bugs. If you are going to stay in any hotel, check the bedsheets and furniture of the room since these are the habitat of these bed bugs. Whenever you return home after traveling, wash your bags and suitcase and dry them at high temperatures or keep them in the sunlight for some hours. It kills all the bedbugs present in them. 

Cracked furniture and switchboards

Bed Bugs are also found in cracked furniture and underneath switchboards, so if you are trying to find them, check such places first. Seal all the cracks of furniture and switchboards to get rid of these insects.

Clothes, sofa, and mattress 

Sometimes pesticides do not kill these insects, and the only way to kill bed bugs is through high temperatures. They can’t bear the temperature of 115F. Wash your clothes with hot water and then dry them at a high temperature. It is better to dry clothes in the sun because its heat kills them immediately. If possible, dry your mattresses in the sunlight, too but if you cannot do this, use a vacuum cleaner and run it over your mattress and sofa corners, underneath carpets and wherever you feel bedbugs are present. Vacuum cleaner also works best by killing them with their heat. 


Wallpapers are another habitat of bed bugs. They are found under the cracked wallpapers, so glue them down as soon as possible to stop their entry.  

Seek professional help

If you have tried all the tips and tricks to kill these bed bugs and nothing worked for you, you must take the help of professionals who deal with such insects with the help of different chemicals. They better know what can kill them easily and where and how to find these bed bugs and kill them.

So here we have explained different causes of getting bedbugs, and we have tried to explain where to find them and how to kill them. If you suffer from this problem, apply these tips and get rid of these insects forever.

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