How to boil corn?

How to boil corn?

Corn is known for its delicious taste all over the world. It is not only good in taste but has many health benefits too. Being rich in folate keeps the heart-healthy. Folic acid and vitamin C in corn makes it more nutritious and health-friendly. It is a blessing for people suffering from low blood pressure and feeling down. In the following article, we learn how to boil corn? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Please have a look at some benefits of corn for our overall health

It is an antioxidant and reverses aging

Helps in losing weight

Rich in selenium and phytochemicals

High in vitamins and minerals

Promotes growth

Prevents anemia

Prevents cancer

Source of beta-carotene, which produces vitamin A and it is good for eyesight

Helps in gaining weight

Recipe no 1

Boiled corn with masala

Ingredients to boil corn

5 Corn

2 tablespoon milk

Salt Half tablespoon

2 tablespoon oil


Water 4 liter 

Pressure cooker


Step 1 to boil corn

First of all, remove the husk and silk from the corn. Put 4-liter water in the pressure cooker and add corn, salt, oil, and milk in it. Cover it with a lid and keep the flame high until the pressure cooker whistle blows. 

Step 2 to boil corn

After that, turn the flame low and let them boil. After 35 minutes, remove the corns from the pressure cooker and put them on a filter for 5 minutes. 

Step 3 to boil corn

Spice preparation

INGREDIENTS to boil corn

Half teaspoon salt

So, Half teaspoon black pepper

Half teaspoon red chili 

Mix all these spices in a bowl and apply it to corn with the help of lemon. Enjoy delicious boiled corn.

Recipe no 2

Steamed and microwaved corn kernels recipe

Ingredients to boil corn

Corn kernels




Steamed corn


Step 1 to boil corn

Take a pot. Fill it half with water and boil it. Keep the filter on this pot and the corn kernels on the stainer. Steam them for 20 minutes and then remove them from the stove. 

Step 2 to boil corn

Take ½ teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon red chili, and Half lemon. Sprinkle salt, red chili, and squeeze half lemon to make it more delicious.

Method 2

Microwave boiled corn


Step 1 to boil corn

For making microwave-boiled corn, you need to take water in a glass bowl and keep it in the microwave. When water starts boiling, add corn to it. Microwave it for 5 minutes and put it in a strainer to remove water from them. 

Step 2 to boil corn

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon red chili

Half lemon

Now Sprinkle salt, red chili, and squeeze Half lemon on it. Lemon makes it more delicious, and I enjoy this amazing recipe as a snack.

Recipe no 3 to boil corn

Beer boiled corn


2 tablespoon butter

Salt (to taste)

5 fresh corn

¾ cup beer


Step 1 to boil corn

First, take5 corns and remove all the husk and silk from them. Then take a pot, pour ¾ cup beer, and boil it. 

Step 2 to boil corn

The next step is to add corn, salt, and butter to it and turn the heat low. Boil them for 10-20 minutes. After 20 minutes, remove them from heat and keep them on a stainer for 5 minutes. Boiled corn is ready to serve.

So these are different ways to boil and serve corn. It has numerous health benefits, but it is not recommended to eat it in high amounts since excess of everything is bad. Therefore consume it in limited quantities to get its blessings and keep your body healthy and fit.

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