How to change WIFI Password?

Your wifi has a password. If it gets leaked or hacked, the number of users will reduce the efficiency. To limit the number of users and increase its working efficiency, you need to set a password that no one can easily get. If your Password is hacked, no need to worry. You can still change it and with less effort. This will help you secure your wifi and limit its usage. In the following article, we learn how to change WIFI Password? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

You wonder, how can you change the wifi password? Just read this article and follow accordingly. This guide will help you solve your security issues with the wifi. Before changing the wifi password, you need to connect your PC or laptop with the router and log in to the router device. This will let you know the IP address of your device, the user name of your device, and your Password.

Now, we are at the stage of changing passwords. We can do this by opening the web browser. For this purpose, you can use any browser. For example, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.  

Once you have loaded the web browser, enter the IP address in the address bar.

This will open up the device on your laptop or PC. A screen will appear to ask you to enter the user name and Password. Enter the user name there and Password to sign in. Ensure the router’s username and Password are different from the wifi ones. This must be written on the device somewhere. So go through that carefully and type on PC.

Once you have signed in, check out the option ‘Wireless.’ This option differs in each device, so check out the wifi device’s settings. Now to change the wifi password check the text box next to ‘name.’ You can change your Password there. Check out the security options too for changing the Password. Once you have changed the Password, click on the apply button to save. If you don’t click the save or apply button, the changes will not be saved.

Remember, once you have changed the password, you will be logged out of every device connected with the wifi from the previous Password. Even your computer will be logged out too.

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