How to cook shrimp?

How to cook shrimp?

When you want a second dish of delicious fish, but also light and above all quick to prepare, try the PRAWNS IN A PAN. Their realization is straightforward and takes very little time; the preparation’s simplicity means that the prawns’ flavor is enhanced without being covered by other flavors that would not fully appreciate this fantastic crustacean. In this article, we read about How to cook shrimp?

White wine has been added to make this recipe, but you can use brandy or rum if you prefer.

I advise you to use fresh prawns because they are more full-bodied and tasty; if you can’t, frozen shrimps are delicate too. In this case, however, to cook shrimp, try to thaw the shellfish very well before cooking them by removing them from the freezer and defrosting them in the refrigerator for several hours before using them if you don’t have too much time to thaw shrimp in the fridge, at least try to thaw them at room temperature.

Never pass frozen shrimps under lukewarm or hot water, as this will cause them to become chewy and lose flavor.

Pan-fried shrimps have a delicate taste and lend themselves very well to being brought to the table during essential lunches or dinners to make a good impression with your guests.

Despite being a relatively tasty main course of fish, the shrimp in the pan is relatively light especially if you decide to bring them to the table together with a side dish of vegetables such as, for example, a nice lettuce salad or even an orange and fennel salad in the winter period.


  1. Place a large pan on the fire and heat a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
  2. Take a clove of garlic and deprive it of the soul.
    3. Cut the garlic clove into 3 – 4 parts and brown it in the oil until it starts to brown, then take it out of the pan.
    4. Put the whole shrimp in the pan after washing them well, add the white wine, lower the heat, and cover the pan with its lid.
    To prepare this recipe, he preferred to leave the shrimp whole because, in my opinion, the shrimp’s head (being luscious) gives flavor to the dish.
    5. Chop the parsley and put it in a bowl with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt and pepper.
    6. Cook the shrimp for about 7-8 minutes, turning them about halfway through cooking. Be careful not to keep the prawns cooking too much as they will become chewy.
    7. After cooking time, sprinkle the prawns with the mixture of extra virgin olive oil, lemon, and parsley, and then you can serve them on the table.
    8. Bring the shrimp to the table when they are still hot.


    To add some color to your pan-fried shrimp, you could add cherry tomatoes cut in half or four parts to the preparation to cook shrimp. I recommend that you put the tomatoes in the pan after removing the garlic and cook them over medium heat for about 3 minutes. Leave the cherry tomatoes in the pan, add your prawns and follow the other steps of the recipe.


Stir-fried prawns are not particularly suitable for refrigeration. After all, however, making this dish is so simple that you can prepare it whenever you want. If you really can’t do without it, keep the shrimp in a pan, in the refrigerator, for no more than a day in a pan covered with the lid. When you want to consume them, sauté the prawns in a pan and bring them to the table.


I recommend serving the shrimp in a pan with a white wine with a dry flavor but with fruity notes like a good Soave Classico DOC.

If you want to add an extra touch of flavor to your pan-fried shrimp, add a pinch of chopped chili pepper to the oil to cook shrimp, lemon, and parsley dressing. ENJOY YOUR MEAL!!!

If you want, instead of the extra virgin olive oil in which you browned the garlic, you could use a (ready-made) oil flavored with chili.

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