How to Cut a Mango?

Mango is a perfect summer dessert, best for delicious smoothies and mouth-watering salads. People love to eat mangoes and mostly like to use them frequently in summer parties and get-togethers. How to cut a mango, It can be a challenging task for many people, although it is an easy task.

Mango is a one-seeded summer fruit, and it can be cut in different ways. You can use a knife or a cutter to cut a mango quickly. Before cutting it, take care of small things like sanitization and using clean tools.

Cut a  Mango in 3 Different Ways

Following are three different ways you can choose any of these to cut a mango easily.

1.    Standard Method to Cut Mango

To follow this standard cutting method, you need:

        A Cutting board




Follow the instructions below:

        Place the Mango on the cutting board in an upside-down position, bringing its bottom part to the top.

        Now, with the help of a knife, cut top to down. Make sure that the cut is 1 cm away from the center of the mango.

        Take that slice out as it will now be easier to remove it.

        Repeat it on all sides and remove the slices one by one.

        Next, remove the skin, and dice the mango into small bit-able slices.

2.    Mango in Small Cubes

This is another easy method to cut a mango into slices. For this, few things that you need are:

        A knife

        Skin Peeler

        Cutting board

        A bowl



        Start with peeling the skin of the mango with a peeler. A skin peeler is easy to use and can remove the skin quickly.

        Now, with the help of a knife, make cross-cuts all over the mango.

        Again, with one big cut, remove those cross-cuts, making them in cube shapes.

        Transfer it to a bowl and enjoy your fruit.

        Another way you can take out those small cubes is with the help of a spoon. After making the cross cuts with the help of a knife, you can scoop out with the help of a spoon.

3.    Cut a Mango in Slices 

Another quick and easy method to cut a mango is in slices. For this, you need only one tool.

        A knife



        Hold a mango in one of your hands, and make it stand tall.

        With a knife, slice it to ¼ inch and keep it aside.

        Repeat it with all sides and cut each side to about ¼ inch.

        Now, take one piece at a time, and start making small and straight cuts.

        With the help of a spoon, scoop the slices gently.

The described above are a few easy ways, and using any of them will work the best. Cutting mango is a simple process, as well as the steps mentioned in the article, made it further easier.

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