How to get rid of white tongue?

How to get rid of white tongue?

White tongue? Here are the causes and natural remedies to manage this small problem that affects so many people. It is essential, however, to diagnose the causes of this disorder in advance under medical supervision. In this article, we read about How to get rid of white tongue?

White tongue, just a passing phenomenon or a symptom of more severe problems? This guide will see the most frequent causes and natural remedies for a phenomenon that often turns out to be only a passing one: let’s find out what lies behind this problem and how to deal with it with cheap and straightforward natural remedies.

White tongue causes

In many cases, the white tongue depends on an accumulation of microorganisms and bacteria that form the classic patina on the back of the language. Generally, this happens in the morning when we get up and can affect both adults and children. In other situations, the causes of the white tongue can be linked to several factors: alcoholic beverages, smoking, poor oral hygiene, irritating language, a diet low in fiber.

The white patina on the tongue can also be a symptom of more severe phenomena such as inflammation of the taste buds, the consumption of antibiotics, candidiasis, and thrush in babies. Even stress, ‘ flu, the gastroesophageal reflux, or change of season can contribute to the white tongue, in conjunction with halitosis.

Be careful if you notice small blisters on the tongue. In that case, it could be scarlet fever. If white streaks are also present, another hypothesis is lichen planus, a form of oral mucosal dermatitis.

In any case, it is always necessary to rely on the opinion of an expert doctor and make a thorough examination.

White tongue natural remedies

Once the cause has been identified, it will also be easy to resort to the most specific natural remedy.

Lactic ferments and tongue cleaners

The first way to eliminate the white tongue is to take lactic ferments and use the tongue cleaner. This tool helps physically remove the patina to get rid of white tongue, preventing the accumulated toxins from spreading to the rest of the mouth.

Aloe vera

Aloe is a plant often used to keep inflammation at bay. Try rinsing by combining a tablespoon of aloe vera juice in a glass of water. Ideal in the morning as soon as you wake up to fight the white patina on the tongue, but also bad breath.

Sodium bicarbonate

You can rinse with 2/3 tablespoons of baking soda mixed in the water, or you can sprinkle some on the toothbrush, and with this, rub gently on the tongue.


Garlic is a potent antifungal. It sweeps away any fungus in our body, such as Candida albicans, mainly responsible for the white tongue. Eat a clove. Sure, your partner will stay away from you for a while, but in return, you will have plenty of antifungals.


Salt is often underestimated, but you can rinse at least twice a day with warm water, in which you have dissolved one tablespoon of salt to get rid of white tongue. Alternatively, try pouring some directly onto your tongue and scrub with a toothbrush. You will see that it will wash away any traces of patina as if it were a natural scraper.


This powdered spice can be used to create a kind of scrub. Add it to a few drops of lemon and mix until you get a sort of paste, which you will leave on the tongue for a few minutes before rinsing it.

Turmeric and lemon are natural antibacterials to keep dangerous toxins and microorganisms of the oral mucosa at bay.

Oil pulling

It is an ancient  Ayurvedic practice that uses a spoonful of coconut or sesame oil by rubbing all the teeth and tongue for at least 15 minutes. This should be done before brushing your teeth as soon as you wake up to eliminate all bacteria.

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