How to make candles?

How to make candles?

Candles are used as traditional decorations. The light of candles creates a cozy and warm atmosphere. They are ideal for decorating and filling our home corners. The aroma of these tiny candles makes us forget our stress. Also used in bathing toCoveraroma. So, in this article, I will guide you on how to make candles step by step so that you can make your home magical.

How to make candles

There are hundreds of thousands of different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles of candles. You can make it at home and give your young ones gifts. So let’s get started!!!



The quantity depends on how many candles you want to make.


Your favorite shade


According to the shape that you want to make


Add your favorite essence or essential oil of good quality to get the aroma.


To melt the wax

Cotton cord

A thick cotton cord to make the wick.


To cut the cotton cord.


To measure the hot wax temperature.

Easy steps to make candles where does

First, sterilize the molds in boiling water to clean, and no stain remains on them.

Put the wax in the saucepan and heat it until almost all the liquid wax is present. Turn off the heat, and the last lumps of wax will melt with the remaining residual heat. You can see clear liquid wax.

Wait and let it cool a little.

Put the cotton cord in the saucepan for a few seconds to wax it. Remove the cord from the saucepan with the help of the stick. Please wait for a little and wring it around your finger carefully. Hang them on the clothesline in the upward direction to air dry.

Put the thermometer in the hot wax and measure the temperature. When it drops to 40 degrees, then add color and mix well.

Now pour the colored wax into the mold.

Add 4-5 drops of essential oils to each candle mold.

Cut the wick according to the mold height.

When the candles start solidifying, add a wick into the center of the candles.

Wait until the candle is completely solid, and… you can now light the wick of your scented candle!

Other candles and ideas

Floating pool candles

For this DIY, you need boat-shaped candle molds. In this case, we will fill the mold with melted wax and add a little dye and glitter so that our boat-shaped candles shine at night.

Gel candle

In this case, melt the paraffin gel, and we will place the decoration in the mold that we want, like seashells, flowers, etc., and cover the mild completely.

Scented fruit peel candles

As we add essential oils like jasmine and rose. So we can also add fruit peels like orange peels to make them unique and fruity.

Spiral candles

Every decoration lover wants to keep it in home corners. So use candlestick candles and sit in hot water for 15-20 minutes until they get a soft and pliable texture. 

Next, use a rolling pin to flatten the top of your candle and roll it upon itself, creating a spiral. Finally, let it rest until you get a rigid candle again, ready to decorate!

Be careful while twisting the candles. It may break.

Decorate the molds

You can take simple jars as a mold and decorate them with paint, pearls, and other accessories you love.

Safety tips

  • We recommend that you wear gloves and goggles.
  • Never leave a fire unattended.
  • It is recommended that you use a kitchen thermometer to check that you are not overheating.
  • Cover the pan with a cloth and cover with gas if the glue catches fire. Do not add water, as this will only extinguish the fire.
  • Lastly, keep the containers you used to make candles separately. It is impossible to mix them with the ones you use for cooking.

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