How to make paper flowers?

How to make paper flowers?

Artificial flowers are flowers made from tissue paper or crepe paper. It is used for decorating, especially at parties and for bedrooms. It is a low-budget-friendly thing and a quite interesting hobby to have. In the following article, we get to know about How to make paper flowers? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Nowadays, we can easily see DIY crafts for making flowers and other interesting things using any paper on YouTube or any other website. We can take any form, but crepe paper is best to make a flower. People love watching craft videos, especially girls who like to decorate their rooms and love making them as a hobby. People also take it as a business of earning money.

The material used to make the paper flower:

  1. Crepe paper of any color.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Glue.
  4. Pencil or marker.

Step 1:

Take an A4 size paper and cut it into three halves and again cut these half papers and make a square shape out of it.

Step 2:

Then take these square papers and shape them like flower petals, as shown in the above picture. There is no exact size for making flower petals. We can take any size. Make three to four different sizes of petals to shape the flower.

Step 3:

Take a petal one by one and curve it backwardly using any thin needle, pencil, or thin wire to shape it. It is important to shape the petals to make them look like real ones.

Step 4:

Firstly, take six large size petals. Then attach these six petals one by one in a circular shape with a glue gun or normal glue as shown above. Make sure to take the same size of petals. A glue gun is way better than a normal one.

Step 5:

Now take five smaller petals. Please make sure they are smaller in size than the first one. Take the circular-shaped petals we attached before and start connecting the smaller petals inside them. We attached them one by one carefully. Now we have two layers.

Step 6:

Now again, take four smaller petals that are smaller than the last one and insert them with glue inside the two layers we made before. And attach them one by one carefully, so they take good shape.

Step 7:

Again, repeat the same step twice and keep attaching the petals until it takes the perfect shape of a flower, as shown in the last. Now take foam and any other green paper in a small circular shape and put it inside the flower. And finally, our artificial flower is ready to present.

It is fun to make paper flowers. It is easy to make and budget-friendly work. If we need any kind or color of paper, we can easily get it from any bookstore; we can order it online. Paper flowers last forever than the original one, which faded away very soon. We can shape them in any form or any design. It is totally up to us how we shape it.

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