How to open a jar

How to open a jar?

Often people are annoyed with jam or chili sauce packaged in glass jars that are difficult to open. Usually, because it is new, the lid made of metal is still tightly attached to the container. open a jar. In addition to new jars, some have difficulty opening a glass jar reused to store particular food or objects. It’s trivial, but it’s quite a test of patience too.

Don’t give up just yet. With some of the ways that Hipwee Tips describe, opening the lid of a glass jar that is stuck or too tight is no longer a problem.

1. Tie a thick rubber band around the lid of the jar so that your hands don’t slip when you open the lid

  • Take a rubber band that is thick enough, or use two rubber bands until the grip feels firm.
  • Wrap it around the lid of the jar until it is tight.
  • Twist the lid of the jar until it opens.

2. Use rubber gloves so you can hold the lid of the jar well

If you don’t have rubber gloves, you can also use a drying cloth to strengthen your grip when opening the jar’s lid.


3. Slip a teaspoon or butter knife under the lip of the jar lid and try to open it


  • Take a teaspoon or butter knife.
  • Slide a teaspoon or butter knife in the gap between the lid and the body of the jar.
  • Try to open it slowly. A teaspoon or butter knife will make it easier for you.

4. Use duct tape to help strengthen the grip when opening the jar lid

  • Prepare about three pieces of duct tape to make it strong.
  • Glue the duct tape to the side of the jar lid. The rest stick on top.
  • Then pull the duct tape in the direction of the jar opening.

5. Open the airtight lock with a blow on the lid at a 45-degree angle

  • Hold the jar at a 45-degree angle.
  • Use a spoon to hit the side of the jar lid to make slight indentations. This will create air bubbles which will help loosen the jar lid.
  • Continue hitting the other side of the lid until the lock is unlocked.
  • Hold the jar upright and try to open it.

6. Put the jar in a container of hot water upside down for one minute. The lid of the pot will expand and loosen due to the hot temperature


  • Prepare a basin of hot water.
  • Place the jar upside down so that the lid is submerged in hot water, and let it sit for about 1 minute.
  • Rotate to spread the heat in the water.
  • Hold the jar in an upright position to open it.

7. Another easy way is to punch holes in the lid of the jar to release the air pressure, so it’s easier to open

  • Take the knife and the handle of the mortar.
  • Punch a hole in the top of the jar lid to release trapped air pressure.
  • Open the lid and transfer the contents to another resealable container.

8. Heat the lid of the jar with a hairdryer whose hot steam can loosen the size of the cover of the pot so that it is easier to open

  • Prepare a hairdryer,  heat the jar’s lid for a few moments until the cover becomes hot, do it evenly, don’t spray hot air in one part for too long because it will make the lid warp.
  • Open the jar’s lid with the help of a towel or glove if it is still hot.

9. Stick the tip of the butter knife between the lid and the body of the jar. Use force as if you were lifting the lever around the top of the pot.

  • Use some kitchen utensils to pry/pry the lids on the jars, such as a butter knife, teaspoon, triangular can opener, bottle opener, or any other object with a thin, vital tip.
  • Try to pry the bottom of the lid of the jar a few times until you hear a pop, indicating that the lock is open, then twist the cover of the pot available.
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