How to ripen Avocados?

How to ripen Avocados?

Avocado is only good when ripe at the right point. Here we suggest a trick to buy it unripe (as often happens) and make it mature in the time of one night. And then a hint of its many beneficial virtues. In this article, we read about How to ripen avocados?

L ‘ avocado is an irresistible fruit: the soft velvety texture and flavor make it an exceptional ingredient in the preparation of sweets and smoothies and is the element that gives an unmistakable touch to some delicious savory recipes. In short, it looks good on everything

His own story

Avocado has an ancient history that dates back to the magical times of the Maya and the Aztecs, who called it “the poor man’s butter” for its greasy texture. It arrived in Europe as early as the seventeenth century, but it is in recent years that it has acquired a new reputation to ripen Avocados. Thanks to the spread of Tex Mex cuisine (particularly of that masterpiece that is the guacamole sauce ) and the studies on this food that have revealed incredible virtues. Not only. This fruit of South American origin, known since the pre-Columbian era, has portentous beneficial properties. It is one of those superfoods that can improve the general state of health if consumed with a certain continuity.

We will talk about its virtues shortly. Now we focus on buying. The plant is typical of Mexico, Guatemala, and the Antilles, but the fruit that we find on the market stalls in Italy rarely comes from so far away. Being an extremely versatile plant: it grows in tropical environments but also adapts to temperate climates. Closer to us, the significant producers are Israel and Spain; from here, the varieties that we find on the market generally come from.

How to recognize the right avocado?

Avocado can be defined as ripe at the right point when its skin is green. But be careful. Once you get to this point, it risks breaking down quickly. For this reason, the consistency must also be taken into account: in fact, it can be consumed when the skin is compact and to the touch, by applying very slight pressure, a soft (not soft!) The pulp must be perceived. This condition does not always occur at the time of purchase: for reasons of transport and storage, like a lot of fruit that has to travel, the avocado is harvested unripe and not infrequently arrives on the market not yet ripe. 

The fruits will be hard and compact to the touch and can take several days to reach maturity.

Unripe Avocado

Assuming that the unripe avocado can be peeled, its pulp will be hard and chewy and not usable in the kitchen. There is no other choice but to wait for the correct ripening to ripen Avocados. Unfortunately, for the fruit to reach the right consistency, sometimes days and days pass, so much so that one forgets to have bought it. When you remember him, seeing him by chance in the fruit basket, precisely two more days have passed, and once opened, you will discover the dark, soft, slightly bruised, and, above all, no longer good pulp.

The litmus test can also be done with the petiole. If it detaches easily, the avocado is ripe, while it tends to resist if the fruit is still partially unripe. In the small hole that forms at the top, you can notice a pulp that tends to brown if the avocado is very ripe, green or light yellow if it is unripe, and a more decisive yellow if it is fully grown. (This test only applies to the fruits you have at home)

The ripening

In fact, in some cases, maturation is a somewhat lengthy process, and we are not so patient as to wait. We can help speed things up with a simple procedure. 

All you need is an apple and a paper bag, like those for bread. Just place the two fruits in the bag, close it and leave them together overnight. The following day the avocado will have the right consistency to ripen Avocados. The apple system also works for bananas, persimmons, tomatoes, and in general with fruit that continues to ripen even when detached from the tree. The apple breathes, so to speak and, as we emit carbon dioxide, it releases ethylene, a substance that affects ripening, accelerating it. Have you ever tried?

Why is avocado good for you?

To conclude, here is a hint of the beneficial effects of avocado. It is a fatty vegetable, yet it helps keep fats in check. It is no coincidence that it is the protagonist of some famous diets: it is rich in fiber and promotes the sense of satiety, avoiding counterproductive binges if you want to lose weight. The same presence of unsaturated fats keeps cholesterol at bay. At the same time, phenols and carotenoids have antioxidant effects. Protect blood vessels from aging, promote circulation. And preserve eyes and skin.

There are many possible combinations for gourmets: guacamole sauce, accompanied with prawns, seasoned with oil and lemon. But also combined with other fruit in delicious smoothies or give a velvety touch to a fruit salad. Once ripe at the right point, the uses are many and all very satisfying.

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