How to screen record on Mac?

How to screen record on Mac?

In today’s increasingly rich video content, screen recording is a function we often use. Whether it is to record some non-downloadable videos or record the screen to make your own video, you need to use the screen recording function. In this article, we will Recommend several useful Mac screen recording software. In the following article, we get to know about How to screen record on Mac? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Kap to screen record on Mac

Kap is a free and open-source Mac screen recording software. It supports a variety of recording methods. You can choose full-screen recording or window recording, or you can customize the frame to select a specific area to record. It also supports setting a specific ratio and size during recording. After completion, you can also use its own editing tools to set the format of the video, such as setting the start and end time, size, frame rate, export format, etc., without importing it into the editing software for processing.

In addition to simple screen recording, the software also has a feature that it supports a plug-in system. You can enhance the screen recording by installing additional plug-ins, such as adding camera recording, automatically uploading and sharing after recording is complete, hiding desktop icons, etc., whether you are Like simple recording tools or enhanced plug-ins, Kap is a good tool

The screen recording tool that comes with the Mac system

Although we may use the Mac system every day, many people may not know about it. In fact, the Mac already comes with a useful screenshot and screen recording tool. You can use the Command + Shift + 5 shortcut at any time to bring up the Mac. Screen recording function.

When using the built-in screen recording, you first need to adjust the size of the recording frame. The recording area will be displayed as a highlighted area, and then click Record to start recording. After the recording starts, a stop button will be displayed in the menu bar. You can click this button to complete the Screen video recording.

Cleanshot to screen record on Mac

Although Cleanshot is mainly a screenshot software, it also provides a very useful screen recording function while capturing the screen, which can be used to quickly record some videos.

Cleanshot supports full-screen recording and selected area recording. You can also enter a limited size to record a video with specific screen size. The software also supports recording sound, including system sound and microphone sound. These options can be adjusted at any time. If the recording is a teaching sharing video, You can also turn on the keyboard and mouse prompt function, so that you can display mouse clicks and keyboard key effects on the desktop during recording, making the video more understandable.

If you are using Cleanshot as your default screenshot software, Cleanshot’s screen recording is a very good option, easy to use, and has commonly used functions, very suitable for ordinary video recording.


 Camtasia is an all-around screen recording and video editor. It helps you integrate screen recording and video editing workflows. It can be used to make professional technical teaching videos, from pre-screen recording, camera recording to video editing, special effects annotation, Video export, etc. can be done in one software.

And Camtasia is very flexible to use, you can record the entire Mac screen, you can also record only the selected area of ​​the video, you can only record the sound in the system, you can also record the microphone at the same time, you can also quickly pause and resume during recording, every part All are recorded on separate tracks, you can quickly add annotations, narration, zoom animation and other content to facilitate the editing and production of the video later.

Wondershare Premium

Wondershare UniConverter is a video conversion software on Mac. It provides a video conversion function as well as a built-in screen recording tool. Its functions include:

  • Full screen recording
  • Select area to record
  • System audio recording
  • Microphone audio recording
  • Camera recording, etc.

After the recording is complete, you can also use it to perform some simple processing on the video, such as editing, adding filters, compressing, and converting formats, etc. It is a multi-functional video toolbox.


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