How to sell on Amazon?

How to sell on Amazon?

Ecommerce is an emerging activity that is highly adopted by people in the last few years. People can do business and operates their tasks easily at home. However, some expertise and tools are required to maintain the business. In the following article, we get to know about How to sell on Amazon? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

There are many platforms that are providing an opportunity to sell or buy online and amazon is one of them. Moreover, it has a lot of audiences which is essential to do any business because it is a trusted platform for customers. Amazon is providing products with quality and a range of prices. 

But this platform is a bit tricky for the new ones to start selling on it as everyone doesn’t know the rules and regulations. Furthermore, proper market research is required for it. As it is the most spreading platform and covid is one of the reasons that push people towards it. Downfall in every physical business leads to the great profit of virtual business stores. 

You also want to start selling on amazon. Let’s discuss how can you start.

Easy steps to learn selling on amazon

Following are the basic steps that lead you to sell on Amazon.

1- Firstly, before selling you have to make your account on amazon and register it by paying some fee.

2- You should have an ID card, phone number, address, bank account number, particular region phone number, and bank routing number for the details on amazon.

3- You have to pay the selling fee, shipping fee, subscription fee, FBA fee, etc to regulate your account.

4- After product hunting, you can update the account with proper pictures and videos of the product. Also mentioned detail of the product. Also specify your product category, product specification, company name, etc for the best recognization of the product.

5- Follow-up is very necessary. Regulate and examine your inventory. Update your listing that will be helpful to increase sales. 

6- Handle your accounts by using some tools on MS excel. It helps in tracking sales.


Amazon has some strict rules but by following the above-mentioned steps you can able to start a business on it. Don’t follow wrong guidelines and don’t use shortcuts as it leads to the banned account because amazon has some strict policies. Fake information and details will create difficulty for you n the future. You can also take help from the expertise in the market who are amazon’s virtual assistants they will handle all the services for you.

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