How to transfer photos from iphone to computer

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer

The launch of the iPhone 7 was the end of the device that the company launched at 16GB. Storage space with little room for operation for users who purchased this model. How to transfer photos from iphone to computer Fortunately, all models offered by Apple on both the iPhone and iPad series offer 32 GB of storage. This is a space where you can do much more than half the space. The operating system occupies it, so the rest was just over 11GB.

Using the device by installing applications or recording videos and taking pictures saves space, so you need to connect it to either a PC or Mac computer to empty the device. .. Back up your photos and the videos we’ve made so far. When connecting your iPhone iPad. Or iPod touch to your computer. You should keep in mind that the method of extracting saved content is different for both operating systems. And you will always get the same result in the end.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac

Tenorshare iCareFone

iCareFone is one of the complete software XNNMX we can find today. Extract images and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch If you don’t want to complicate your life in a way that’s too complex and unintuitive, with the various options natively offered by both macOS and Windows.

In addition to iCareFone, the solution provided by Tenorshare enables us to quickly transfer images and videos from iOS devices to computers, the possibility of passing this type of content from iTunes to the device and vice versa. However, that article will focus on the first option I described.

Pass iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch photos using the Tenorshare iCareFone program. It’s a straightforward and fast process, the process detailed below.

First, after opening the application, you need to do the following: Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer. If the device screen asks if you want to give the computer permission to access the content, click Trust. Otherwise, the device will not connect to your computer and the application you will be using.

Then click Options Export photos to PC with one click. At this point, the application will export all the images and videos stored on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without having to select the images you want to export.

A new window will open automatically when the process ends. You will see the folder where all the images are located Extracted from the device. Then you need to continue if necessary. Please share it with your friends and copy it to your external hard drive to make a backup …

Skip only selected images: How to transfer photos from iphone to computer

iCareFone offers more than just the previous method. In addition, the following methods are also possible. Copy a limited number of images from iPhone to the computer. To do this, you need to click on the XNUMXth icon at the bottom of the application and represent the image.

Then select Photos in the left column so that the right column shows all the photos stored on your device. In the next step, please select XNUMX one by one, click the button to extract the images you want to extract from the iPhone to export. Finally, we want to save the images extracted from the iPhone to select in which directory.

Tenorshare iCareFone is available for both macOS and Windows.

Application photo

Apple has sought to make this task as easy as possible by integrating the Photos application into the operating system (the application responsible for accessing the device). Extract the content of the created image or video in a way that many users find interesting because you can’t physically access all the files and copy, move, or delete them according to their priorities. Copy it to your application. This issue will be resolved a little later.

Natively, every time you connect your iPhone iPad. Or iPod touch to your Mac. The Photo application will automatically open to show. You the latest photos and videos you’ve taken. To extract the images you want to save individually or the images automatically saved in the application. You need to select the image and press the critical Import selection (1), located in the upper right part. In addition, if you want to delete it after transferring it to your Mac, you need to select the checkbox. Delete the item after importing (2).

You can also select the New Import option (3) to have the Photos application on your Mac automatically handle the download of all photos taken on your device since you last connected. If you have never connected to the Photos application. The application will import all the photos and videos available on your iPhone iPad. Or iPod touch.

To facilitate this task to the Albums section (4) in the right column to see the various albums created by the application (People, Places, Selfies …) and all the albums we could create.

When the import process is complete, all images will appear under the Last Import title in the Albums section. When you stop using the application and close it, the application will automatically start classifying images by person, location, video, screenshot

Where are the photos I imported into the Photo application on my Mac stored?

You now have your photos and videos in your Mac’s Photos application. Where were they? To access photos and videos extracted from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to the Finder, click Images, and don’t place them just above the section on the right. Photo library. Photo library Click the right button to select Show the contents of the package. You’ll see the photos sorted by year and month in the Master’s directory in a new window that appears.


With the image capture application, you can extract images and videos from your device and retrieve images from a camera, camcorder, or scanning device connected to your Mac. This app is not in macOS Dock, so you need to access it from Launchpad> Others.

After running the application, you will have to wait a few seconds until your Mac recognizes our device to access your photos and videos, so you can extract them because they are stored there. To do this, select them and drag them into the folder where you want to save all your copies.

Then select the destination directory and click the Import All key. , If all you need is to extract all the images and videos from your device. Once you have made copies of your photos and videos, you can delete them directly or drag them directly to the Trash on your Mac.


Unfortunately, iTunes isn’t designed to extract images from your device. It’s hard to understand. You have to resort to third-party applications or somewhat complicated methods, especially if you’re not using a Mac. .. All you can do with iTunes is to save a backup copy of your entire device. Extract the image in another application. This process is too complicated because you need to install a particular application for it. I won’t cover it in this article.

As iTunes points out, you can also use iFoto or Aperture, but neither app is supported by Apple anymore. Therefore, this article does not consider them as available options. iTunes allows you to copy photos and videos from your Mac to your device. To do this, select the folder that contains the images you want to transfer and sync your device with.


Earlier I talked about iMazing instead of iTunes. You can use it to extract not only images but also t. In addition to performing various steps with her, you can also add or remove books, music, and notes. To extract your favorite images and videos, connect your device to your Mac, install the application and go to the terminal in the right column.

Then click on the camera to see it automatically. The various albums we have created will start to appear. Double-click the album from which you want to extract images to select it, then click Export in the lower right corner of the application.

Then select the directory where you want to save your photos and click Select. The selected images and videos will start downloading to your Mac.

After exporting the selected photos, move to the lower right corner and click Delete. Delete the images copied to Mac from iPhone. Therefore, you can recover the space on your device. iMazing costs € 39,99 and are available for both PC and Mac. The trial version limits the number of photos and videos you can import in each session to 50, so you can use the trial version to download films in multiple sessions.

iFunbox: How to transfer photos from iphone to computer

This application is always associated with jailbreak users, but it doesn’t just help us install or remove .ipa files. With iFunbox, a free application, How to transfer photos from iphone to computer  you can quickly and easily extract all the images stored on your device, similar to iMazing. To do this, you need to go to the camera and select all the images you want to extract from your device. Then go to the top menu and click Copy to Mac.

Then you need to select a directory where you want to save your photos and videos. Click Select. To delete them, you need to press fn + Delete to confirm the deletion of all the images selected at that time and make sure they are safely stored on your Mac.

iPhone Data Transfer-EaseUS MobiMover: How to transfer photos from iphone to computer

That wouldn’t be the case for alternatives, it’s clear. Another XNUMX application that can be run entirely without iTunes when transferring photos from iPhone to PC or Mac computer is iPhone Data Transfer. Use it to copy all images stored on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod straightforwardly touch PC or Mac.

iPhone data transfer extracts images from your device. Still, in addition to copying content from your PC or Mac to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can also transfer content from your computer to your device. I will.

To transfer photos from iPhone to PC or Mac and make backup copies, you need to select an option from device to Mac. Next, you need to connect your iPhone, How to transfer photos from iphone to computer iPad, or iPod touch to your computer so that it can recognize it and select it as a data source.

Then select the first option. Images And finally, the destination folder where you want to copy the images you want to extract from your iPhone. It would help if you pressed the transfer key to start the process.

Depending on the number of images and videos and the size they occupy (especially the latter), the process can take some time, so if you haven’t transferred the images to your PC for a long time, it’s easy to do. I can do it.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows

When it comes to extracting all the images and videos we have stored on your PC. If you are familiar with Windows file systems, the easiest way is for us to consult and extract them for the rest of your life. I will. Files saved on SD card, USB stick, digital camera, hard disk


Unfortunately, the iTunes application allows you to manage the applications you install on your device, as well as videos, music, books, and photos. How to transfer photos from iphone to computer Images cannot be extracted on the Windows version. As with the Mac version, you have to resort to other unofficial alternatives. Of course, to extract images in other ways, you need to install them on your PC so that you have direct access to your device.

Traditional method

If we are familiar with file systems and copying and pasting files is a daily routine, here is the easiest way to extract images from iPhone, How to transfer photos from iphone to computer iPad, or iPod touch. Through Windows File Explorer. The only requirement to retrieve images this way is to have iTunes installed, which you can download.

After connecting the device to your Windows PC, How to change margins in google docs go to the drive listed in My Computer. Next, you need to move to different folders with names that don’t tell you the content. Please select all the images, cut them, and paste them into the directory on your PC where you want to save them.

Every time there are more than 1.000 photos on your device, a new directory will be created to store them, so check all folders to extract all the photos taken with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You need to make sure that it is.

When browsing the directory, the images received through the messaging application, the images we created, and videos are not in the same directory where they are stored, so if you don’t want to lose them, it’s helpful to include them in the extract. ..

Import images and videos: How to transfer photos from iphone to computer

This is a very similar option to the one provided by the Capture Image application on macOS. Not available from this feature menu. To access it, at least since the advent of Windows 10, all you have to do is go to the unit created by your device, click the right mouse button, How to transfer photos from iphone to computer and select Import Images and Videos.

  • Then start Reading all the saved files and videos. You can copy them to your Windows PC on your device.
  • In the next step, select the directory where you want to save the images and videos. Yes. However, more options before clicking Next.
  • In this menu, you can choose the format for saving your photos to your device. But in addition to that, we can select the “Delete files from device after import” checkbox. When the import is complete, the videos and images will be automatically deleted from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • To terminate the process, click Next and wait for the process to terminate.

iMazing: How to transfer photos from iPhone to a computer

As with the Mac, if you don’t want to rely on the options natively provided by the operating system (such as traditional file management methods in this case), you can use this application. You can use this application to extract all the files. Quick and easy device images. To do this, connect your iPhone to your PC, open the application, and select Camera in the right column to see all available images and videos. Then click Export in the lower right corner and change to the directory where you want to save them.

Once saved on your device. You can delete it directly from your application using an option called Delete in the lower right corner. 


If you don’t want to use a paid application. IFunbox free application is the best choice. Compatible with Microsoft operating systems and Macs. It allows you to download content from your mobile device to your Windows PC. Proceed to download the content of the image or video saved on your device. , Proceed in the same way as iMazing. Because the interface is different, but the process is virtually the same.

  • After downloading and installing the application, connect your device.
  • When the application recognizes it, it will appear in the right column with all options to copy to and from the device.
  • Click Photo / Photo This will show you all the images on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and the videos you recorded on your device.
  • Select the image you want to download. On your device, go to the Export / Copy to PC button.
  • Once downloaded to your PC. You can delete all your photos from your device by simply clicking the Delete / Delete button.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to cloud

In most cases. It is best to copy all the images to your PC or Mac. And later save them to your external hard drive. But not all users will use your PC or Mac. How to clone a hard drive Other than storing all images and videos in the cloud. Also, if you need to go to the cloud where you want to use the file and download the content, Google Photos has the best service available for this type of task and is free.  This provides unlimited storage space for photos with resolutions less than 12mpx and videos with Full HD resolution. Anything beyond that can store, but the occupied space will discount from the contracted space.

Google Photos

In the app, it may look strange, but you can keep your favorite images handy and free up extra space on your device, that’s right. Google Photos allows you to save a copy of all videos and images captured on your iPhone to the cloud. If you run out of space. How to transfer photos from iphone to computer. The application offers the possibility to delete images and videos already stored in the Google cloud.

Be careful when you connect to a Wi-Fi network (although you can also connect via 4G, we don’t recommend it). Google Photos copies all images and videos Created for the cloud and was not included in the cloud, so the process of erasing your device is entirely safe.


For several years, Cupertino boys offer a new storage plan, plans up to 2TB, and still have that feature. Still, since it’s no longer a different storage service than the usual one, we’re practically You can save everything too.

Amazon cloud

Freely available to all Amazon Premium customers Unlimited storage plans in the Amazon cloud. This service allows you to save as many videos as your device images in their original resolution, without any other small prints. If you are a user of this service. This option may be best suited to your space needs. Whether specific or continuous. Overtime.

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