How to wash shoes

How to wash and clean sneakers

They are comfortable, beautiful, and calm. Athletic shoes and sneakers are one of the most popular accessories. But how do they wash without risking ruining them forever? How to wash shoes Here is a practical and straightforward guide to cleaning them by hand or in the washing machine.

Raise your hand if you have never worn them to train in the gym, to play sports, for a trip out of town, even to go to work. Today, sneakers and sneakers are worn on a thousand occasions, even with the most formal looks. Made with technical solutions that make them perform, they now also have their place of honor on the catwalks, where they parade with glamorous proposals signed by almost all stylists.

But like all men’s and women’s shoes, they need special care, so they need to clean well to make them last longer. How do you wash them to remove dirt and bad smells without risking damaging them?  


You can opt for hand washing or machine washing if you have less time. However, remember that not all sneakers and, in particular, technical running shoes can clean by immersion, but they require special precautions.

If you decide to wash your sneakers by hand, there are a few steps you need to follow to get a good result.


Remove the laces and immerse them in a container with water and a teaspoon of baking soda. Scrub them with a brush. Please pay attention to the water temperature and the type of product: if the laces are colored, it is better that it is not too high and that you use a non-aggressive detergent. When you have washed them, hang them up to dry.


Always choose the best cleaning products for your sneakers. You can use liquid Marseille soap or create your cream with stubborn dirt by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with a teaspoon of liquid detergent. Then with a soft sponge, scrub the upper part with a brush on the sole to remove mud or other dirt.


Rinse your shoes well until you have eliminated all traces of foam. Squeeze the tongue nicely, especially if it is padded.


If they are removable, remove the insoles and wash them with soap and water or if there are specific instructions for cleaning them, follow them. How to print screen If the odors don’t go away, soak them in water and baking soda. When they are dry, spray the spray that perfumes, such as Shoe fresh, a fresh and sanitizing deodorant spray with a prolonged effect that gives a lasting feeling of freshness. And bad smells will be just a bad memory!

HOW TO DRY SNEAKERS: How to wash shoes

If the season permits, let the shoes dry outdoors with the tab facing up; in winter, put them on the radiator, separated by sheets of newspaper or old towels so that the humidity does not damage them and they keep their original shape.

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And in the washing machine? If you have less time for your fitness shoes, you can get her to do the “dirty work”!

But be careful: not all shoes can wash in the washing machine. How to clone a hard drive Do so only if the manufacturer expressly indicates it. So, first of all, check if the label contains information regarding washing. Can you wash them in the washing machine? If so, follow our advice!

OFF WITH THE LACES: How to wash shoes

Remove the laces, so they can clean better if separated from the shoes.

BRUSH AND RINSE: How to wash shoes

Brush the shoes with a toothbrush, removing the dirt residues, and rinse them well, preventing pebbles and mud from entering the washing machine.

THE PILLOWCASE TRICK: How to wash shoes

Insert the shoes into an old pillowcase so they will wash and protected without coming into contact with the basket’s walls that could damage them. How to change margins in google docs I recommend that you perform a delicate wash without spinning.


Leave your sneakers to dry in the open air or by the radiator if it’s winter.

Once they are dry, they are ready to wear.

If you are not completely satisfied with the washing machine’s washing. We reveal a few tips. Scrub the stains with an old toothbrush. Warm water and soap. There are no marks left on the rubber. Leather or imitation leather parts. rub them with an eraser. 

If your sneakers are white. It may be more difficult to remove stains or small imperfections. In case of small scratches or cracks in the leather. Use white shoe paint

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