How to write a formal letter?

A letter following a proper format and specific language and style comes under formal letters. These letters are written for business purposes, so everything needs to be right while formatting it. Letter of complaint, letter of inquiry, appointment letter, letter of recommendation, order letters is all different types of formal letters. It is not difficult to write a formal letter. You need to follow some specific rules. Here we will discuss some limitations and the step-by-step process of writing this letter.

Rules of writing formal letters

Do not use any idioms

Do not use any abbreviations

So, Do not use imperatives

Do not use any  exclamation marks

Must write subject 

Do not use any contractions

Always use correct grammar and vocabulary

Use of passive voice 

Write everything in detail 

No usage of phrasal verbs

Write full sentences

Avoid short sentences

Avoid exaggeration.

Do not write love or lots of love in the complimentary sentences

Letter writing

Step 1 to write a formal letter

Write sender’s address

First of all, you need to write the sender’s address. If you are writing a formal letter, you will write your address in the top right corner of the page and put the date after your talk. For writing, date follow dd/mm/yy pattern; otherwise, the wrong date pattern would ruin your impression.

Step 2 to write a formal letter

Write recipient’s address.

Now you will write the name and address of the person to whom you are writing or sending the letter. Their name and address would be written on the left side of the page below the sender’s address. Please note the name of the recipient first, then mention their address to write a formal letter.

Step 3 to write a formal letter


In the subject, you write the purpose of documenting the letter or the main reason that prompted you to write this letter. It must be short and specific to avoid all the irrelevant things here. For example, the Application letter for the post of to write a formal letter.

Step 4 to write a formal letter

Greeting or salutation

Then you will write a salutation like Dear sir/madam or if you know the person’s name then write their name after dear. It would be more appropriate to write the name of the person. You can also write Mr. for male and Ms, Miss and Mrs for female to write a formal letter.

Step 5 to write a formal letter


Divide the body into three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, mention the issue or the main problem that forced you to write this letter. The next sections mention the specific facts and figures. Provide all the relevant information in the second paragraph. Please do not leave anything unexplained because you are writing them to give you a solution or solve your problem. In the third paragraph, write the action you want the recipient to take. Could you write what you want from them? 

Step 6 to write a formal letter

Closing sentences

Closing paragraphs should leave a better impression of yours, and it should end with the following lines.
I look forward to hearing from you

I look forward to meeting you in person.

Step 7 to write a formal letter

Complimentary close

The complimentary close of the letter must be polite. Write it below the third paragraph. Refrain from being rude here. Do not use any punctuation in the complimentary close. For example, write Yours truly and avoid Yours truly.

Step 8 to write a formal letter


In the last step you will put your signature and it is better to write your name in brackets below your signature.

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