Letter: What is socialism really?

Socialism occurs when the state controls the means of production. That is, he owns factories and works where people work.

America is nothing like a socialist state. We are a democratic republic of states with a capitalist economy. No one wants to change that. Not even Bernie Sanders, who admitted that he had made a serious marketing mistake in deciding to call himself a Democratic Socialist, and to stay straight with the term “social” in his composition for all illiterate alarmists. The door is open for, like the Communists. – Which, again, is very different from socialism.

Equality of tax can provide health care, higher education and socialism to every individual in the country. We pay taxes on schools, libraries, police departments, fire departments, roads, airports and the military. If taxes are socialist, then the US military is the largest and most expensive socialist organization in the world. And since the middle of the last century, everyone seems to be fine with it.


Get hints. See word definitions later. Stop shopping for propaganda.