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MSI gaming notebook is a high-end gaming notebook carefully crafted by MSI, the world’s leading hardware brand. MSI GAMING series (referred to as the G series) is the main series of MSI gaming notebooks. G-series gaming notebooks use Sairui gaming keyboards, professional killer network cards, and Dynaudio speakers. In addition, the MSI gaming notebook is also equipped with a series of exclusive software, including “Cooler Boost,” “Dragon Center,” “True Color,” and “SteelSeries Engine.” MSI Gaming Laptop It aims to bring players a better experience through the combination of high-end hardware and practical software.

On January 16, 2015, the 18-inch flagship GT 80 Titan, which MSI built for two years, was launched. GT 80 Titan is not only a performance monster with dual discrete graphics cards; it is also the world’s first game with a mechanical keyboard. Thus, the addition of a mechanical keyboard makes the player’s gaming experience even better. GT80 ​​Titan has become the pinnacle of MSI Gaming Book with its powerful performance and unique experience. [1] 

On August 16, 2016, MSI gaming notebooks released several gaming notebooks equipped with the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 10 series. While the performance has doubled, the ultra-thin thickness of the new GS63VR and GS73VR has refreshed the gaming notebook’s thinness. The limit. Of course, there are also new GT series game notebooks GT73VR and GT83VR, that are good at performance.

Super firepower performance

The world’s first mechanical keyboard gaming notebook

On January 16, 2015, MSI Technology’s mechanical keyboard notebook MSI GT80 Titan was launched in China for more than two years. The gaming notebook computer has added a full-size mechanical keyboard, which significantly enhances the gaming experience for game enthusiasts and has sufficient durability. Improve.

The keyboard of the MSI GT80 Titan gaming laptop uses the well-known and acclaimed Cherry “Cherry” MX mechanical axis. The type is the brown switch (BrownSwitch), the keycap height is standard 27mm, SteelSeries provides the whole keyboard design.

At the same time, among the GT80 series products, what surprised everyone is that the dual GTX980M crossfire that supports the mobile version, the effect of the dual GTX980M crossfire, is more than 50% higher than the performance of the single GTX980M. Its game performance has begun to approach the desktop version—the performance of the GTX980M.

MSIGT80 flagship gaming notebook, MSI is equipped with NVIDIAGeForceGTX980MSLI and Intel Haswell quad-core i7-4980HQ processor. The GTX980M discrete graphics card is already potent in the notebook field. The configuration of the MSI Group SLI means that the performance level is even more challenging to suffocate. The weight performance is also remarkable, only 4.5 kg.

Built-in super-efficient dual-fan cooling system

The new generation of a GT72 gaming laptop is equipped with the latest generation of Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M independent display adapter, which contains 8GB of GDDR5 display memory, through large-capacity GDDR5 high-speed display memory, MSI Gaming Laptop and equipped with Nvidia’s powerful display core, with DirectX 11 and Nvidia PhysX support, When encountering a large amount of computing processing, it will automatically switch the system and overclock, so that gamers can process and react with the smoothest picture.

There are also various high-end graphics cards (GTX970M, GTX965M), and so on.

Professional game killer network card (Killer Lan)

Killer network card is a series of network cards specially launched for games. It is a hot artifact-level product among hardware enthusiasts and gamers.

Killer network cards can be said to be a revolution in the field of network cards. Killer network cards can release processor resources, bring users higher game frames, and reduce ping value. Finally, users can win all battles in online games and be real ones—the game “killer”.

Output sound quality enhancement technology

MSI G-series gaming laptops allow gamers to experience the perfect stereo surround sound, specially launched MSI Audio Boost output sound quality enhancement technology exclusively. In the sound output connector, the most expensive and best conductive gold-plated precious metal ( Gold flash audio jack), with increased anti-oxidation, transmission efficiency, and anti-noise strength, the GE60’s sound quality is purer. It can restore the original stereoscopic sound field, Best motherboard for gaming plus a built-in earphone dedicated power amplifier chip (AMP). Even with an external earphone, the sound quality and stereo sound can perfectly presented.

MSI exclusive TDE (Turbo Drive Engine) technology

The G series also uses MSI’s exclusive TDE overclocking technology (Turbo Drive Engine technology). Gently press the luminous touch Turbo shortcut on the top of the keyboard to instantly increase performance. The system speed will immediately surge, not only allowing you to run High-load picture, image processing, and other applications can have the most sensitive system response, and become the most reliable and robust backing for players when galloping the game world, fighting and killing enemies.

Dynaudio’s top theater audio technology-top theater-level audio worth $200

The THX surround sound field designed by Star Wars producers George and Lucas and the top million cars Dynaudio audio technology provide you with the ultimate 7.1-channel theater-like enjoyment of the G series laptop. It also cooperates with the world-class audio manufacturer Dynaudio. Numerous precise studies and calculations have found out the most appropriate distance and position between the user and the laptop, obtaining the best sound wave transmission line, and accurately positioning the best position of the laptop speaker, so that the perfect sound wave The lines, without any hindrance, directly convey the highest auditory experience of the top players.

SteelSeries illuminated keyboard: MSI Gaming Laptop

MSI cooperates with the world’s top gaming equipment leading brand SteelSeries to adopt top professional gaming keyboards in the new generation of the G series. When playing games, the backlit keyboard function keys provide a significant LED light. MSI Gaming Laptop The luminous keyboard display can help reduce errors during operation. The inductive backlight effect can be set free so that you can genuinely enjoy the maximum entertainment effect. The 10-key simultaneous input response design and high-speed detection make the game more combat. Effectiveness.

SteelSeries illuminated keyboard-increase the Ctrl and Alt keys

Standard keyboards usually have smaller Ctrl and Alt buttons. If you need to press these buttons frequently when playing a first-person shooter game, it is easy to touch other buttons next to the buttons accidentally, so the G series laptops are enlarged. The Ctrl and Alt keys reduce the chance of game players pressing the wrong keys.

HD matte screen 1920*1080

GT60 OND-232XCN laptop also uses a 16:9 golden ratio theater-level LED widescreen. In addition to the bright colors, there are no two disturbing black screens on the top and bottom of the screen when watching HD movies, and it is entirely undistorted, and even the Webcam is also HD720p. When contacting relatives and friends, you can also have high-fidelity and smooth and bright picture quality.  MSI Gaming Laptop If you feel that enjoying HD video and audio on a computer screen is not enough, GT60 OND-232XCN is also equipped with an HDMI port. Any high-definition HD video and audio can connect to any large-size LCD TV in the home.

Top theater audio technology-the world’s first built-in THX technology notebook

G series laptops equip with THX TruStudio Pro intelligent surround sound effects that only professional theaters can have. GE60 laptops can faithfully present every type of music and sound source of various frequency bands with the built-in top speakers—an original tone.

MSI exclusive Cooler Boost technology: MSI Gaming Laptop

MSI Technology equips with exclusive Cooler Boost technology for powerful hardware performance. Just touch the cold light shortcut on the top of the keyboard to activate the powerful heat dissipation capability. At the same time, it provides players with core temperature changes and fan speed, allowing you to even. Long-term use in a high-temperature working environment can also keep the temperature of the whole system in a cool state.

MSI Gaming Notebook released the PE series of business games in May 2015 and launched the ” Super Sky Fortress ” PE60. This gaming notebook combines business games with strong graphics production capabilities and the same game performance. Outstanding. MSI Gaming Laptop The accompanying graphics production software has passed international certification. The machine’s screen also uses an IPS high-color display screen, which has sound display effects for games and graphics.

MSI G series: MSI Gaming Laptop

The G-series and E-series products of MSI’s notebook computers,]  featured models in the six major product lines, incomparable to ordinary notebook computers regarding operating speed, screen display effects, and graphics image resolution. Configuration and advantages. How to transfer photos from iphone to computer Among them, gaming laptops, especially for professional players, are an indispensable weapon for many virtual game players worldwide and the world-renowned professional gaming team Fnatic, which designate for use in various important international events.

MSI theme: MSI Gaming Laptop

MSI is well-known in the industry for designing, manufacturing, and sales of “MSI” brand motherboards and graphics cards. As the world’s top three motherboard manufacturers and the largest graphics card manufacturer, MSI’s motherboard accessories and other products have consistently ranked first in the market for many years. In the past 20 years of development, “MSI” motherboards have gone through a leap-forward path of innovation, becoming a well-known brand in the IT industry and a giant in the motherboard field. As another critical and vital MSI technology product, “MSI” has always maintained a professional image and style. All MSI people’s performance of “Global No. 1” has been maintained to this day.

MSI’s 3000-person R&D team occupies a pivotal position in the technology industry. MSI has invested many workforces and material resources in the R&D department, and we are constantly updating R&D equipment to enhance R&D capabilities. With the inheritance of ISO-9001 international quality assurance and the efforts of R&D personnel, the product design is excellent, and has been repeatedly recommended by the editors of professional magazines at home and abroad, MSI Gaming Laptop and won consecutive awards. MSI’s R&D policy is to research and develop high-quality technology products with high added value, high output value, market orientation, and enhancement of the company’s image and product technology following the company’s medium and long-term development goals.

MSI products: MSI Gaming Laptop

In 1996, MSI Micro-Star Technology established its headquarters in Mainland China (Shanghai)-Shanghai Weixin Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Since then, MSI’s turnover in China has maintained a high annual growth rate of 100%-300%. In addition to the Shanghai headquarters, it has also established branches in Nanjing, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Chengdu, MSI Gaming Laptop Hong Kong, and other places to market MSI products. Except for Tibet, MSI has established first-level agents in all provinces across the country. . As of last year, MSI has won the title of “No. 1 in the motherboard market share” in a reader survey conducted by the most authoritative IT media in China, Computer News, for four consecutive years.

In 2003, MSI began to undergo a significant change in its overall business thinking. The company’s business objectives have changed from “being the best accessory product supplier” to “MSI wants to expand into an IT terminal consumer brand, and it will be more popular. Accepted and loved by users”. And quickly launched terminal products that span multiple industries and serve the majority of direct users. At present, MSI’s product line already includes dozens of products in four categories. How to clone a hard drive Laptop products launched last year, digital audio-visual products such as MP3 and MP4, Bluetooth communication products, etc. Once launched on the market, it quickly accepts and loved by the majority of direct users.

Manufacture of a notebook: MSI Gaming Laptop

The main reason is that MSI Technology has always adhered to its international and fashionable brand line. Positioning the brand as a high-end image. And the price is close to the terminal market demand. So that MSI MSI has strong market competitiveness. At the same time, MSI MSI is more committed to the research and development of high-tech and is confident in its technical strength. It has successively launched several generations of intelligent robots and more through in-depth exploration in the technical field to reflect MSI MSI’s technical strength.

The extension of the “MSI” product line indicates that MSI MSI Technology has entered a new stage of development. It also means that it has gradually extended a new IT trunk line for the diversified development of independent brands while maintaining the substantial advantages of traditional brand product competition. . At present, MSI is a large-scale international enterprise with products spanning multiple industries and marketing over the world. In recent years. MSI has adopted a diversified business strategy. And has actively invested in designing and manufacturing consumer electronics products. With years of rich experience in the information market.

And high-capacity, high-tech, and high-quality research and development niches, it is unique in the world’s leading technology, Launching a variety of advanced digital products on the market, providing consumers with a full range of product choices.  For the design and manufacture of notebook computer products, we always spare no effort. In addition to providing top performance and excellent stability, it also emphasizes innovation and taste. The series of models are all refined and fully-functional fashion products. In 2005, he won the Taiwan Excellence Award and was the biggest winner in the NB category of product awards. In addition, it has made remarkable achievements in MP3 products and has won the German IF Design Award.

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