Preparing For A Fun Night With An Escort

After you book escorts on listcrawlers, it depends on you how the rest of the date with the escort will go. If you do not wish to jump right into sex, there is a lot more you can do with her that will leave you yearning for more. If you want a fulfilling experience with the escort, it’s crucial to plan the night before. We are here to help you plan your overnight stay or date with an escort more efficiently.

Pick a good location:

Rather than deciding where to go on the day of the date itself, it’s a better idea to choose Airbnb or the hotel where you want to stay the night beforehand. Also, there is a good possibility that you may not find any rooms available on the day, so it’s better to be prepared in advance. 

Keep enough lube with you:

People often have a common notion that suggests that if you require lubrication during sex, you’re doing something incorrectly. However, this isn’t entirely accurate. Using lubrication can be incredibly useful, especially during penetrative intercourse with an escort. Using enough lube, even when you may not require it, makes sure there are no frictions or abrasions. 

Set boundaries before the session:

It’s a good thing to set boundaries during a play session with an escort, and it will not make the sex less fun. By setting boundaries, you can explore more of the things that you like!

Get intimate with her:

While sex is obviously the end goal, intimacy can make the experience even more fun. Some things you can try in order to get more intimate with the escort are making long eye contact and warm embraces. 

Also, indulge in some foreplay by blindfolding her and softly touching her all over her body. This will get her wet and in the mood in no time!

Role-play a little:

Sex doesn’t have to be a serious business, and there’s no harm in making it a little performative by role-playing. Maybe there is a woman in your life that you fantasize about but can’t approach. Now is your time to get the escort to pretend like she is the woman in your fantasies. 

You may even bring in some sex toys during roleplaying to explore and test the waters before you decide to use them with your partner. 

There are a lot of role-playing options, and you can always discuss your fantasies with the escort while you are booking a session with her.

Touch yourself:

Whether you are getting frisky with your partner or an escort, knowing your own body and what works best for you can elevate the experience even further. Notwithstanding that, it not only turns your partner on but also gives them a better grasp of how they can make you climax.

So, the next time you book a session with an escort, take turns watching each other pleasure themselves. 

Talk dirty:

As you go down on the escort, you will need to come out once in a while to catch your breath. Use that time to whisper naughty things in her ear. Something that works wonders is telling her what you would do to her. While you talk dirty in her ear, you can also leave traces of wet kisses all over your escort’s body and make her go wild.

To make sure that both of you are on the same page, it’s vital to communicate with the escort beforehand about the language and words you can use with her. While this is not always a necessity, it is chivalrous and is highly respected by the escort. Treat her as a regular date, and you may even end up being her favourite client!


In this blog, we explored some contributing factors that ensure a profound date night with an escort. To learn more about the kind of services offered by escorts and their charges, you can head to listcrawlers and take a look. 

If you are looking for someone who will indulge in your fantasies, be sure to explore the beautiful escorts on and reach out to the one you desire the most!

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