Singapore for a Day: 5 Must-See Attractions

Oh, the beauty of traveling once again. With many destinations around the world easing up on travel restrictions, it is now easier than ever to visit our dream destinations.

And nothing is dreamier than the wonderful world of Singapore. Not only is it rated as one of the most expensive cities in the entire world to both visit and live in, but also snags other titles like the cleanest city, the best-designed city and even the most vibrant city.

There are many reasons that we love this destination and why it gets a top-ranking spot on so many people’s dream destination bucket lists. From the insane rooftop pools to safari parks and out of this world gardens and architecture, there is something for everyone in Singapore.

Singapore is one of those interesting destinations that you can easily do in both a day and in a week. This is great because it means whether you are just passing through for a long layover or have arrived with the country as your final destination, there is plenty to do, see and eat.

Check the Luggage First

When you first touch down in Singapore, make sure to first sort out your luggage. It is not a city you want to be lugging your bags around in. Especially with the higher humidity and heat. Luckily, there are some great facilities for luggage storage in Singapore that you can easily book in advance, drop and hit the ground running.

From storage facilities at the airport to conveniently located ones at the top tourist attractions like the Gardens by the Bay, you don’t have to be weighed down by the luggage—especially when you are trying to see it all in just a day.

Where to Go

There are a lot of incredible attractions that Singapore has to offer. So you will want to pick your attractions ahead of time so that you can spend ample time enjoying the experiences and minimum time trying to get around from location to location.

Singapore itself is a pretty small country. And it is not impossible to navigate your way around the majority of it in just under a day. But you should be finding time to also be in the moment and enjoy every second of those experiences, whether that be walks through the garden or delicious street food to snack on.

To help you plan out your one day on the ground in Singapore, we have rounded up the top five attractions that you absolutely must do.

1. Walk Through Gardens of the Bay

If you are someone that loves to get the perfect holiday shot, then the Gardens of the Bay will be the perfect photoshoot location for you. It is undeniably one of the most popular places to visit in Singapore—and for this very reason.

What makes this place so special is the arrangement and variety of plants that are growing in the most unique ways. But not only is it creative, but they have also planned out this garden to give people multiple ecosystem experiences. For example, there is one conservatory that is called the Cloud Forest and actually produces a climate of what a tropical highland would be like.

But of all the special places in the garden to discover and enjoy, the treetop walk is really hard to beat. And coming in close behind is the massive 100-foot waterfall that really makes you feel alive. You can easily spend an entire day here, but at a minimum give yourself at least an hour or two.

2. The Jewel Changi Airport

Singapore boasts one of the most impressive airports in the entire world. So as soon as you land at the airport, you have technically already arrived at one of the best attractions to explore in the country. This Jewel Changi Airport is constantly making the top spot for best airport in the world, and for very good reason.

Not only does it have an endless array of world-class shopping, dining and even entertainment, but some incredible displays you have to see for yourself. In one part of the airport is something that is referred to as the Rain Vortex, which is a multi-story indoor waterfall. And in another area is an actual indoor forest with suspended bridges to walk around on. You can easily spend a whole day here, so come back early from your day outside and enjoy this uniquely mesmerizing airport.

3. The Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands

If you have some extra cash for a splurge experience, then heading to the infinity pool atop the Marina Bay Sands is an absolute must. We promise it is worth every cent. Not only does this impressive landmark building have Michelin-star restaurants to dine at, but they also have an incredible infinity pool at the very top.

You can spend the afternoon lounging in a pool that is over 50 stories high and take in all the sights that make Singapore so special. You will likely want to stay here once you arrive, so save this for one of the later experiences of the day.

4. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore does gardens really, really well. So we have another garden on the list of must-do experiences for you. In fact, this one is so special because it is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site. What makes this garden so spectacular is the integration of the rainforest with the cultural history that includes the Tanglin Gate.

There are also over a thousand types of orchids growing within the garden, with an additional two thousand more hybrid orchids as well. This is a great place to come and literally stop to smell the roses.

5. Street Markets

You can’t go to Singapore without having at least one foodie experience. One of the best is found on Old Airport Road, where they have one of the most beloved hawker complexes that contain over one hundred food stalls in perfectly lined rows. Despite the number of options, there is always a line at each and every one of them. But it is definitely worth the wait.


So when in Singapore, ditch the bags and get out to explore these great five attractions.  

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