Trump Invites Rapper Lil Pump to Final Rally | 🔥 Little Pimp 🔥

President Trump was an amazing guest at his last election rally on Monday night – 20-year-old rapper and recent mega-supporter Lil Pump. However, while introducing the crowd, Trump mistakenly called the “Gachhi Gang” rapper “Little Pimp.”

Trump ended his re-election campaign in 2020 with an overnight rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which entered the early hours of election day. During the ceremony, he invited Lil Pump to the stage and gave a short talk to the crowd of supporters.


“Speaking of sound, music and other things, the world’s biggest superstar, little pimp,” Trump sank before he could correct himself. “She is OK. How is it going? Do you want to come and say something Come on, Little Pump, go upstairs. On Sunday, the young rapper expressed support for Trump after criticizing Biden’s tax plan on wealthy people.


“Does everyone know who he is?” Do you know how big he is? Trump told his audience that they are more accustomed to listening to lymph pumps than to a crowd of well-received concerts.


“Hello everyone, how are you feeling?” Lil Pump said on stage wearing a mega hat. “I am here to say, Mr. President, I appreciate what you have done for our country. You have brought the troops home and you are doing the right thing. Mega 20/20/20. Don’t forget that! And never vote for the sleeping barley! ”

Lil Pump had a viral hit with his 2017 song “Gucci Gang”, which peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and went platinum, but he was so successful with his subsequent music and 2019 album “Harvard Dropout”.

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He is the latest rapper to show support for Trump as well as join Lille Wayne and 50 Cents, causing a backlash from his fans.

At a simultaneous rally for Biden, singer John Legend invited the artists to Jordan Peel’s 2017 film “Get Out”.

The legend added, “Some of your former favorite rappers have been taken by these liars. I think they even formed a new supergroup, called Sink Place.”