Ways Discipline Can Be Induced in Students

Discipline is known as the backbone of students’ life. Kids learn to attain knowledge and live respectful lives due to discipline and without discipline they can never achieve anything in their academic or personal life. According to School LMS which is also known as the school learning management system, a teacher’s job is to create a gentleman out of a person who is far away from knowledge and information. Teachers have to understand their responsibilities with a very calm and responsible mind. It is a very tough job to induce discipline in a human that too a teenager or small child or student because it is an age when the mind asks one to not to listen to anyone and to just enjoy life. Making an adult mind disciplined is a nearly tough job then how is it supposed that it will be easy to discipline small age students who have enthusiasm and rebel in them. 

Everyone accepts it is necessary for the children to be disciplined but what is the correct definition of discipline and how to keep the children under discipline. Most of the time parents and teachers are not able to understand the difference between punishment and discipline because both look robust in their principles. Discipline is a practice of training or teaching a person to obey or follow a code of conduct or behaviour through punishment, behaviour modification techniques, positive reinforcement, or show of authority. In the opinion of school LMS which is also known as school learning management system, discipline is a way of getting the child to do what he or she is expected to do by guiding them. Although many parents have their own method and ways to discipline their child. That varies from parent to parent according to their need regarding the rude behaviour of the child. Some parents maintain discipline by taking back some facilities from the child like grounding them in house, banning their favourite game and outing etc. For this an open talk session between parents and the child is very necessary, where the child can be questioned regarding his rogue behaviour.

In schools we can often see that when a student is very curious and asks any question to the tutor and the tutor is not able to answer the question then he or she either scolds and insults the student so that he or she may not ask anything again or promise the answer for the next day. This behaviour is very wrong towards students for a teacher professionally as well as morally. Many of the teachers can be seen very famous for their strictness in school, that is okay but up to an extent only whereas beating black and blue, harassing mentally and insulting in front of school is inhuman and such person doesn’t matter how many degrees he or she may have in education should be terminated from the job of teacher immediately. Whether parents or teachers, they should have a clear level of expectations from the child in the name of discipline so that they could not get confused and children being confused often get irritated, angry and stubborn and this is not good at all.

Parents and teachers often expect too much from the child and this needs to be stopped. Teachers and parents need to understand that their child is not a superhero who can do things in a jiffy. He is a child so parents and teachers need to be more practical while setting expectations with the child, they need to set only those expectations which a child can complete according to his age level. If they are giving him a task to complete the notes of English then it should be a homework of 1 hour maximum then only, he will be able to complete those notes or else he will choose the easiest thing and that is being angry and stubborn. Teachers and parents should try not to be stubborn and authoritarian themselves while treating the stubborn child because such children test other’s patience level to a great extent. Teachers and parents need to be a little flexible with students. To make the child respect you it is necessary that you respect him and show love and affection then you are going to touch his soft corner and he will follow the instructions.

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