What Can You Do With The New Shopify NFT App?

shopifyThe new Shopify NFT app has been released and lets people shop for crypto! Interested in what you can do with this? Here is a list of 13 crypto-related things you can do with the new Shopify NFT app! As recommended by https://www.okx.com/buy-crypto.

1. Shop for crypto

With a new crypto NFT tag, you now have an option to shop for cryptocurrencies. This includes several easy-to-use payment options: ETH/ETC, BTC/NEO, XRP, and USDT/MakerDAO.

2. Buy a crypto collectible

If you’re into crypto-collectibles for your portfolio, you can now buy some with the Shopify NFT app. The app has a tab for crypto-collectibles and shows several popular NFTs that you can purchase from the app. You can also see their market price, so it’s like being able to shop the marketplace!

3. Earn crypto through referrals

Every time someone buys a product on Shopify that you were referred to by one of your friends, you will earn 5% of their total purchase in cryptocurrency! That could be a nice little way to add more coins to your portfolio!

4. Learn more with crypto-related articles

If you are new to the crypto sphere, you can read articles that offer a variety of insights on cryptocurrency. These include advice, the story behind a cryptocurrency’s development, and more!

5. Be rewarded for being an entrepreneur

If you’re an entrepreneur exploring new ways to grow your business, you can earn Shopify rewards and cryptocurrencies! Several categories are available to browse from, and each will reward you with cryptocurrency every time you hit certain goals!

6. Sell on Shopify store credits

If you’re a Shopify Pro account holder, you can use Shopify store credits to pay for things that include crypto! This means you can make purchases and earn crypto. Pretty cool!

7. Earn crypto in “Bitcoin bounties”.

You can earn tokens if you send a message to the ERC-20 bounty bot on Telegram and include your email! You can send a message to: BountyBot.

8. Send crypto by DM.

The Shopify team has added support for multiple messaging platforms (DMs), including Telegram! Convert cryptocurrency into fiat currency, payment processing, and escrow services are all possible through messaging apps right inside Shopify!

9. Earn rewards through Shopify’s merchant program.

Once you have set up the shop currency and have it enabled, you will receive 1% of all sales through your Shopify store in cryptocurrency or fiat!

10. Use the NFT app on top of Shopify’s other apps (partners).

If you’re interested in using Shopify as a platform for other apps, the new Shopify NFT app means fun new integrations with things like CryptoKitties.

11. Receive money from smart contracts.

If you’re interested in smart contracts, you can use the Shopify NFT app to connect with and receive money from a smart contract! This is a new way to play around with the possibilities of this technology.

12. See when your crypto is released.

If you have an upcoming crypto payout, you will now be able to check when it will be released. This will help avoid any delays or issues!

13. Get your crypto payout instantly.

If you have an upcoming cryptocurrency payout and need funds right away, shop on Shopify! You can use cryptocurrency as payment at checkout and receive your funds instantly!


It’s exciting to see what the Shopify NFT app can do. Indeed, Shopify stores can now accept cryptocurrency, but this means much more than just this! If you are interested in Shopify, they promote the NFT app across their platforms and make it super easy to get started.

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