What do pet foxes eat?

Speaking of foxes, I believe everyone is familiar with them. In our minds, the fox is a very cunning and ferocious animal. But in recent years, with the growth of the pet market, foxes have also become pets. So can pet foxes bite people? What do pet foxes usually eat?

What do pet foxes eat?

Foxes are carnivorous animals, mainly feeding on rodents, fish, frogs, mussels, shrimps, crabs, earthworms, birds and their eggs, insects, and the carcasses of healthy animals. Under artificial feeding conditions, feed is the main ingredient. In the vital feeding stage, some animal offal such as intestines, stomach, heads, bones, etc., can be supplemented as feed to meet the needs of foxes.


Does a pet fox bite?

Under normal circumstances, it will not bite.

The little fox is inherently courageous. In an unfamiliar environment, when he sees strangers, he will feel more afraid. If he touches him at this time, he will think that he will hurt him, so he can only use his small teeth to defend himself. If you get bitten, don’t take your hand out in a hurry and talk to him gently, he knows. Let him feel that fingers are not his food. From now on, I will hold it gently and won’t bite anymore.

How to raise pet foxes

  1. Exercise: pet are born to like routine and freedom, so even if they raise at home, they should take out for outdoor activity, increasing the body’s resistance.
  2. Food: The best food for pet foxes is a combination of meat and vegetable. You must eat about 200-300 grams of meat every day, which can also prevent anorexia and have plenty of water.
  3. Feeding: The pet fox must be fed regularly and quantitatively, and the food can be removed after eating for about 20 minutes to help them develop a good eating habit. After eating, pay attention to disinfecting the tableware.
  4. Cleaning: The hair of a pet fox is thick, so it is effortless to get dirty, so you must always pay attention to clean the hair. If it is too long, it should comb.
  5. Training: The pet fox is a kind of animal that likes to call, so this also requires that it is best to train from an early age during the breeding process so that it can maintain a healthy habit.

What are the types of pet foxes?

  1. White fox: The white fox has white body hair in winter, and only the tip of the nose is black. The summer hair is gray-black, with a lighter ventral color.
  2. Silver Fox: The silver fox’s fur is silver-white, with a gray backline and some gray-black stray hairs.
  3. South African fox: The body hair of the South African fox is yellowish-brown, and part of its ears, legs are black.
  4. Bengal fox: The back of the Bengal fox is gray, the abdomen is lighter, the feet are brown or reddish. Brown, the tail is hairy, and the tip is black.
  1. Canggu: Changchun is more extensive, with a gray or dark brown back and white, light gray or brown abdomen.

What do pet foxes eat, do pet foxes bite?

  1. Red fox: the back of the red fox is brown-grey or brown-red, the abdomen is white or yellow-white. The tail tip is white, and the ears are black or dark brown.
  2. Colored foxes: Colored foxes are silver, black fox, red fox, and blue fox in the wild or under artificial breeding conditions.

As mentioned above, there are more and more types of pets. Many animals that usually scary and scary also kept as pets. The editor reminds you that it is better not to save some more ferocious animals as pets. There is a specific threat to your health.

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