3 Big Augmented Reality Trends to See This Year

3 Big Augmented Reality Trends to See This Year

Augmented reality is one of the innovative discoveries in 2022. The development of the technological process has positively influenced the introduction of new growth points in the business sphere. This year, the number of augmented reality users is expected to reach 3.5 billion. 

Augmented Reality SDK is augmented reality software that is designed for business development. In this way, it is possible to increase the number of sales. AR will help introduce virtual fitting into your business. The best AR face filters are designed to be used in mobile apps and browsers. Here are three popular trends that are frequently used in 2022:

  1. AR Live Shopping. This is an upgrade of an old concept to improve online shopping. Shopping can be done with a single click. The state-of-the-art shopping experience is provided with fitting options and extras. 
  2. AR to expand manufacturing. The use of augmented reality is extremely important for today’s manufacturing facilities. The AR can be utilized in a variety of ways, for instance, in employee training, remote collaboration, and workflow development.
  3. Web AR. It is used with the aim of winning a larger share of the market. The implementation of augmented reality is available in the browser. In this way, it is possible to provide maximum accessibility at a minimum cost.

The development of the technological process makes it possible to use such trends in different fields. In 2022, the demand for creating augmented reality photo books has increased. It can help spend time in a fun and exciting way.

 Future of Augmented Reality: Devices and Features

Every year, there is rapid development in the technological process, so smartphones have evolved to become the perfect basis for augmented reality. It can be explained by incredible advances in microchips, cameras, and displays. 

In 2022, Apple’s new A16 chip will be made available. It will ensure fast processing. Currently, developers focus on 5G C-Band and WiFi connectivity. 6E is expected to provide high speed and better wireless connectivity. More powerful features will be available on the new phones. It is recommended to keep an eye out for information about the features that will support and shape the future of augmented reality. The innovations that were introduced last year should provide faster processing and 5G connectivity. This is very important for augmented reality.

Most likely, 2022 will be a year full of news and device releases. Greater consumerism is associated with smartphones, so augmented reality will be relevant.

Smart glasses are just as popular as smartphones. As new models are released, there is an increased need for augmented reality. In 2022, it is not expected that smartphones will be replaced by glasses. They will be simply upgraded. Augmented reality glasses that can be connected to a smartphone are always in demand. 

3 Big Augmented Reality Trends to See This Year

They can be used to solve a lot of issues. The introduction of smart glasses facilitates smartphone sales. There are many opportunities and reasons for consumers to switch to modern devices. 

In the future, there will surely be more than just one type of smart glasses with augmented reality. Users will be able to take advantage of various connected smart glasses that will be optimized for different purposes. The next generation of glasses will be used along with new features, for instance, video glasses with a small monitor will enable users to watch videos.

Glasses with sensors will expand the field of vision. Each device will have certain characteristics, and obviously, they will be different. Only the dependency and the connectivity to a smartphone will be common for all devices.

The latest smartphones will be more than just power banks for smart glasses. The device will be used to connect AR and VR headsets. Multiple users can connect to one device. Such a feature as Quest Casting is already available. It lets users follow what you are doing in virtual reality.

The feature is also available in some apps, for instance, Attack of the Squirrel. In this way, users of virtual reality and smartphone users can play a certain game together. This option is usually taken advantage of within a family and among friends.

Best Augmented Reality Solutions

Augmented reality is often used for shopping because of the huge range of possibilities it offers. The store map is one of these possibilities. On-screen guidelines help the users find their way around an online store and quickly find the right product.

A popular company that has been developing store mapping systems for a long time is Dent Reality. The users have to use their phones and find the best augmented-reality solutions. As to retail, AR has hardly any limitations.

Customers can comfortably shop without even leaving their own homes. Using AR-based products, it is possible to stimulate interest among users and increase the audience accordingly. Many companies boost sales in this way. 

Augmented reality provides customers with a unique opportunity to test out a product before they buy it. Popular stores, such as Ikea, have an app that enables the use of AR. In this way, it is possible to figure out how furniture will fit into a certain interior.

Remote Assistance with Augmented Reality 

Learning and user experience improve significantly with augmented reality. As early as 2020, studies have confirmed that more than 70% of employees in the U.S. work remotely. This can be attributed to the capability to connect video conferencing and address many work issues from home.

Videoconferencing is essential to working remotely. Teleconferencing features certain limitations. Furthermore, the contextual dimension is lost as a whole. Basically, a two-dimensional environment is shifted to a three-dimensional environment. The availability of AR enables users to partly restore the lost dimension of the environment. Professionals are able to make suggestions to solve certain problems.

3 Big Augmented Reality Trends to See This Year

Automotive Industry and Augmented Reality 

AR technology has had a significant impact on vehicle safety. Users have been able to take advantage of Tesla Motors’ AR capabilities on the road. The company has not been able to implement these capabilities in headsets. Benefits of the beta version for driving on the road include:

  • an improved set of cameras;
  • the capability to see all results on the display;
  • all obstacles around the car are visible on the high-quality display. 

Projection displays are provided via the headset. Safety information appears on the display without obscuring the field of vision. Drivers are able to focus on the road and the system will provide audible reminders.

The enhanced headset is used to test the capabilities and train drivers. Augmented reality helps drivers respond to obstacles safely and without risk. 

3 Big Augmented Reality Trends to See This Year

Selling Vehicles

Using an effective AR tool helps to sell a car. It can be done within the comfort of your home. Modern technology makes it possible to produce a 3D model of a particular car with a smartphone. The buyer will be able to perform a complete inspection of the dimensions and every detail of the vehicle. Interestingly, the software enables you to change the color of the vehicle.

Popular Software Products with Augmented Reality Technology

Banuba is one of the best software products to take advantage of augmented reality online. The uses of AR can vary from virtual fitting to advertising and other areas. Banuba offers an SDK with face filters that are of similar quality to those in Snapchat.

Here are some of the key features offered by the SDK:

  • the opportunity to try on virtual makeup;
  • more than 1,000 ready-made facial filters;
  • hair and eye color changes;
  • augmented reality for decorations;
  • availability of sound effects, the capability to change the voice;
  • consultations.

Broni&Bo is a popular website with augmented reality. Here users can try on accessories, ties, and bowties online. Customers can see which color suits them best.

Space Portal is an interesting application where you can feel like an astronaut. An incredible space environment is provided for exploring the universe. 

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