4 Ways to Make Your Money Go Further as a Student

For most people, being a student means having to stretch a limited budget. So, you’re not alone if you’re struggling to make your money go as far as you want it to. The good news is that there are ways to take your cash resources and get them to work better for you. Here are a few tips to make this happen and ensure your money lasts through each semester.

Set a budget and stick to it

Setting a budget probably seems like a nightmare if you’re not a lover of spreadsheets and lists. It’s actually not that difficult. Controlling your cash can be as simple as keeping a money diary where you record all your outgoings at the start of the month and note your spending each day. There are also apps for budgeting that help you do the same thing using your phone. Once you check your spending against your budget, you’re less likely to get into debt that can end up costing you a small fortune in interest rates and charges.

Ditch the phone upgrades

There is one question that can save you a significant amount of money if you answer it honestly. This question is, “Do you need to upgrade your phone?” It’s easy to get carried away with wanting to keep up with friends and have the latest phone. But that doesn’t mean you actually ‘need’ to upgrade. If you’ve already got the necessary functionality from your phone, choosing not to change to the latest model can save you an extra monthly cost of as much as 20%.

Learn to stretch your entertainment budget

Studying always needs to be balanced with some entertainment. This need for entertainment doesn’t mean you should blow your entire month’s budget on trips to the movies or buying the latest video games. If movies are your thing, go to a matinee. Doing this saves you as much as 50% on the price of a ticket. You can also borrow DVDs from the library where lending games is possible too. If you’d rather buy games, you can save money by not buying them on launch day. Wait six months, and you can get new games for as much as 80% less, plus all the bugs will have been worked out by then. If you’re a casino game enthusiast, you won’t be buying games, but you can still save money when you play. When you make a deposit, you get better value from your money by looking for deals and promotions on the sites you use. The most popular types of best casino bonus you’ll find are free spins and deposit match bonuses. Free spins allow you to spin the reels on your favourite games without paying for the spins. Deposit match bonuses give you extra cash to play with when you deposit a set amount. These bonuses have withdrawal requirements attached to them, so always read the terms and conditions carefully. The same applies when you take advantage of offers to buy games, DVDs, and game/movie streams. These deals are an excellent way of saving money as a student, but always ensuring you know the attached terms is vital.


Be smart about what you eat

Food is an essential cost, but you can still cut down on the amount you spend if you’re smart about what you eat. Learning to cook is a big help with this. You don’t have to become a superstar chef; learning simple skills like how to make a rice dish is sufficient to help you spend less on food by cooking from scratch. Another cheaper eating tip is to buy in bulk and prepare your meals for the entire week before freezing them. Doing this has the added bonus of saving you time. You can also prepare lunches to take with you to college, so you don’t spend money at coffee shops and cafes.


These tips help you to save money as a student while still enjoying a full and fun life while you’re studying.


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