How much paint do i need

How much paint do I need?

 Paint is a decoration material often used in house decoration. It mainly uses for wall decoration. Coupled with the effective use area of ​​paints, many owners cannot estimate how much paint is needed for their house. The amount of paints also determines the decoration budget, so it is reasonable to set the number of paints to save a lot of money. Here is how to calculate the number of paints to see how much paints generally needs for house decoration.

. Calculation method of wall paint usage

  1. Calculation formula for wall paint construction area: wall paint construction area = (building area × 80%-kitchen and bathroom floor area) * (3~3.5)

  2. Formula for calculating the amount of wall primer: construction area ÷ 70

  3. The formula for calculating the amount of wall paint: construction area ÷ 35

  2. Calculation method of wall primer

  According to the construction standard of modern house paint, the thickness of the primer needs to be 30 microns. Professional construction workers generally apply primer several times. Experience tells them that the construction area of ​​5 liters of primer is roughly 60-70 square meters, so the calculation method of wall primer amount is construction area ÷ 70.

Three, convert the number of paints.

  Wall paint requires one primer and two topcoats. In general, 1 liter of primer can paints 12-14 square meters, and 1 liter of the topcoat can paints 6-7 square meters.

  Therefore, the conversion amount of paints is: Primer amount (liter) = painted area ÷ 12 topcoat amount (liter) = painted area ÷ 6

  For example, if the usable area is 80 square meters, the painting area is about 240 square meters, so I need 20 liters of primer + 40 liters of topcoat.

  Regarding how much paints generally requires for house decoration. The relevant content of the calculation method of paints consumption introduces here. I want to help everyone choose to paint. 

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