How to Brush Up on Your Business Skills Before a Work Trip

Good business skills are necessary for a work trip. If you seem even a bit off of your game, your colleagues and potential employers will notice. That’s why it’s important to always have your business skills brushed up.

Being prepared for a business trip isn’t that difficult. As long as you’re prepared, things should go well. Everyone wants your business trip to succeed.

Here are the best ways to prepare for your next business work trip.

  1. Stay Informed

Reading the news is always a good idea.

At the least, it will give you an interesting conversation starter.

Businesspeople are always checking out what’s happening to the stock market or politics. You don’t want to feel left out.

You don’t need to become an expert in foreign policy or the world market. Reading headlines and a few articles should give you a good enough context.

Stay up to date with the latest developments in your field.

If you work for a tech company, subscribe to some tech magazines.

Follow the leaders of your industry on social media. If you aren’t watching what’s going on social media, you’ll be left out.

Talking about the news will impress everyone.

The more you know, the better.

2. Understand Trip Policies

Travel policies are constantly changing.

Your employer should inform you of any major changes, but you should double-check.

Tax laws can change at the last minute. Or maybe you missed an email about the news meal policy. 

Understanding travel expenses is essential for self-employed workers and freelancers. Reporting your taxes incorrectly could get you in serious trouble. Not to mention you’d end up losing a lot of money.

Here is a good article from Hotel Engine on per diem taxes.

If you don’t already know what per diem taxes are, you probably need to do some reading on travel policies.

Knowing your travel policy will let you focus on work.

Hopefully, it will help you save money!

3. Practice Conversation Skills

Chatting on business trips can be difficult.

After a long period of staying at home and virtual meetings, most workers are finding it difficult to return to the office.

Introverts already have an especially difficult time on business trips.

It might seem silly, but practice basic conversation.

Ask your friends or family to do a role play situation. Pretend you’re at a conference and meeting someone new.

Practice for negative situations.

You don’t need to like the people you work with or for. But you don’t want them to know that.

Even if it’s painful, small talk can make a huge difference.

It could help you score a good deal or a great promotion.

4. Read Books

Business books can teach you a lot.

Head to your local bookstore or check online for the top business books.

To help you out, here’s a list from CEO Today.

Being well-red is a good way to impress everyone on the trip. It shows that you’re interested in furthering your career. It’s also a great way to pass the time. You don’t have to worry about a book running out of power.

Books don’t need a WIFI connection. Plus, they’ll teach you things that you can keep for the rest of your career. If it’s a great book, you’ll learn some skills you can use for your whole life!

Read books related to your field to stay informed on the latest developments. Make sure you change things up every once in a while.

A good old fashioned mystery novel can be a great conversation piece. It’s also a good way to manage stress.

5. Stay Relaxed

If you’re stressed, you can’t focus on business. Staying relaxed is the only way to effectively conduct business.

Travel is stressful on your body. You’re in a new location. You might even be in a new time zone or country!

You might not realize how much stress you’re under. The middle of the trip is not a good time to realize you’re overwhelmed. Practice deep breathing and meditation to manage stress. Take a break when you need to.


A good business trip could change your career for the better. Being prepared is the best way to make the most of your next work trip.


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