How to curl hair


Are you tired of your straight hair? Are you envious of your neighbor’s curl hair? No problem, you can curl them anytime and easily! Read our tips and, for a change, draw attention to yourself with loops.

Curling straight hair into curls is an excellent idea for a temporary transformation. What woman doesn’t want to change her look from time to time? Curls are the way to go if a hair color change or drastic cut is too radical for you!


The first thing that comes to mind when creating curls is a curling iron. But before you twist your hair on the iron, there are a few precautions that need to be taken. Before you start, your hair must be dried. To avoid damaging your hair from the high temperature, it is also advisable to use a heat protection product that textures all hair types without drying them out, activating hair volume. But Gui Cassolari recalls the following: “You have to use a setting, because without setting you cannot curl straight hair into curls.” Murumuru Styling Balm will help you add beautiful movement to your hair, and there are other specific styling products available for setting.


As with a curling iron, when using a flat iron, remember to protect your hair from the heat! The method is straightforward: you take a strand of hair, twist it around the iron, and then pull the device through. Repeat this action all over your hair. This results in more open, less taut curls than a curling iron.


It’s an old-fashioned technique, but it works! To curl straight hair into curls, curlers are still an excellent solution. Ideally, the hair should not be dehydrated before rolling each strand of hair onto the curlers. So you can blow dry your hair a little and model your hair with the help of the heat. Keep them on long until your hair dehydrates, and don’t remove them until you go out.

BRAIDS: curl hair

You can shape your hair while you sleep! Apply a special curling foam to damp hair. Take a strand of hair and braid it in a braid. Do this with all of your hair, then curl the braids together and secure them with a clasp. When you wake up, untangle your braids and straighten your hair with your hands! To set, knead the tips with some Murumuru styling balm, which you can use to model your hair the way you want!


Here is an original tip! Attach the leg of an old pair of tights to your head in the manner of a headband, then wrap the strands around the socks one at a time. After a few hours, untie the knot of the pantyhose and loosen your hair with your fingers. It will form pretty curls. Simple, huh? Finally, apply a setting agent.

Gui Cassolari gives you one last tip. “It’s always important to keep your hair well hydrated because it makes it more flexible and easier to shape.” Did you make a note of that? So you can start with your curls right away and surprise your family and friends!
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