How to measure inside leg

No matter which method you use, the concept is the same: if you want to know how to measure the inside of the leg, start with the crotch and measure the hem or where you want the pants to end at the portion.

Whether you are looking for a new bike, a trouser size, or a size that does not match, you need to know how to measure your leg length accurately. The process of determining the actual leg length is used to find the difference between leg lengths. The seam leg length is measured from the crotch to the floor, and the exact leg length is measured from the top of the leg to the ankle. The result is accurate. Ask a friend to help you. If there is no help, you can measure it yourself.

First, prepare yourself a tape measure, which is an excellent addition to any family. They are instrumental when you want to know other things, such as measuring men’s waist circumference, usually for different types of clothing. Keep the tape straight, but don’t over-tighten it, or you will misread it. Ideally, ask a friend to help you because this is much easier than getting the tape yourself. Straighten, don’t bend your legs.

Measure from top to bottom from the inseam until you reach the desired length (where you want the pants to end), or usually to the ankle, to get the actual size of the inside of the leg. Slightly shorter than your exact inner leg length, so keep this in mind when measuring inner leg length. It is helpful to repeat this task two or three times to ensure the best accuracy of the average. If you are wrong, you can easily find out.

1. Take out your shoes and clothing fitted pants: How to measure inside leg

This enables more accurate height measurement. You can wear socks or measure barefoot.

  • Tight cycling shorts, leggings or sports pants are best for accurate measurements.

2. Position up straight: How to measure inside leg

If wandering around will affect the measurement accuracy, please stand as high as possible and don’t arch your back.

3. Choose a flat object and place it between your legs.

 Hold it firmly between your legs at hip height, and don’t use excessive force. Too tight help articles will affect your posture and become a lousy grade.

  • A tall and thin book, spirit level, ruler or large file folder are suitable reference objects.
  • In addition to the reference point, the object also simulates the position and height of the bicycle seat.


4. Use a tape measure to measure the distance from the floor to the top of the reference object.


Make at least three measurements and take the average to ensure accuracy.

  • • You can measure in centimetres or inches, but centimetres are a more accurate unit of measurement.
  • • It is best to use a rigid tape measure, preferably a tape measure with a casing. It has more weight and stiffness, and your measurements will be more accurate.
  • • Write down your measurements. After writing down the size, you can refer to the pants or bicycle size table later.
  • • The internal dimensions of the bicycle vary depending on the type of bicycle you want. Basic measurements will help you find the right bike size.
  • To find the hem of the pants, start measuring from the point where the hem of the pants is close to the sole.

5. The size of the outer seam of the trousers has also been removed.

To obtain the outer seam, measure from the top edge of the waistband to the sole; if you are not wearing shoes, measure the distance to the sole of your foot.

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