Main Bloopers of Euro

The Main Bloopers of Euro

Main Bloopers of Euro

At all big tournaments some bloopers happen, that’s okay. This article will dwell upon most funny ones on Euro 2020.

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Volleyball and Dubravka

A stupid goalkeeper goal is a volleyball move by the Slovaks goalkeeper Dubravka. The Spaniard Sarabia’s blow was not supposed to end in a goal – the Spaniard hit the crossbar.

After hitting the frame, the ball hovered over the goal and sank down, and Dubravka, trying to take it out, volleyball into the net.

Müller’s decisive slip that saved Sterling

England might not have been in the Euro quarterfinals if Thomas Muller had realized his goal-scoring chance with the score 1: 0 in the 81st minute of the meeting. After an unsuccessful back pass from Sterling, the ball went to the German striker, who ran out one-on-one with goalkeeper Pickford. For Sterling’s mistake, who scored one of England’s goals, the Germans could not punish the opponent.

Müller tried to shoot into the left corner, but the ball missed the bar after his hit and did not hit the goal. Five minutes later, Germany conceded the second goal, which issued the Germans with the Euro.

Mbappe penalty

Perhaps the main failure of Euro 2020 in relation to expectations is the performance of France, and in particular the main star of the national team, Kilian Mbappé. The Frenchman did not score a single goal in the tournament, and at the decisive moment in the penalty shootout with Switzerland he did not realize his attempt. Mbappé’s miss sent France home.

“I apologize for this penalty. I wanted to help the team, but I failed. It will be difficult to sleep. Unfortunately, these are the risks of this sport, which I love very much, ”the forward addressed the public after leaving the tournament.

Bale’s penalty trolled by Lineker

Wales did not make it past the first round of the playoffs, and the preconditions to be eliminated were still in the group stage matches. The Welsh had problems even with Turkey, which Gareth Bale’s team beat with difficulty.

The leader of the Wales national team himself made two assists, but did not score a penalty, shooting monstrously from a point well above the goal. Gary Lineker did not go without jokes. є “Landing successfully, Gareth Bale. I still think you can get to the green from here, ”he wrote, posting a video from his backyard where a soccer ball fell.

Simon’s own goal after a back pass

Unai Simon, unlike Dubravka, did not direct the ball into his own goal, but he also became the author of a stupid own goal. After Pedri’s pass almost from the center of the field, the Spanish goalkeeper was unable to handle the ball. Instead, Simon tweaked it into his own net. Another confirmation of the rule that you cannot make a back pass on target, even if we are talking about the Spanish national team.

Head coach Luis Enrique supported the goalkeeper: “There are conceptual mistakes that are fraught with danger. These are mistakes that can be repeated. And mistakes in execution depend on the moment and are easily corrected. Here Unai failed the execution. “

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