Top 5 ARK Server Hosting Providers

Ark: Survival Evolved has become one of the most popular games of the past several years. Even though it was released back in 2017, it has maintained a relatively significant player base. With highly engaging single-player and multiplayer modes, it remains a very popular game, despite its need for a large amount of system and processing resources to operate smoothly. 

One of the best ways to play Ark: Survival Evolved is to rent a game server so that you have constant, reliable access to your game. But trying to find a decent server hosting provider from the countless options out there can be a little intimidating, so we’re here to help. We will look at the top 5 ARK server hosting providers that gamers of every level can utilize.

What Is ARK: Survival Evolved?

Ark: Survival Evolved is a massive open-world action & adventure survival game that can be played in either first-person or third-person perspective. The objective is simply to survive the punishing environment of the ARK world by establishing, building, and constantly improving the player’s base and amassing weapons and other resources. 

As the user gains power and experience, complex tasks like feeding and taming dinosaurs can be accomplished and grant the player benefits like increased travel speed and other perks. The dynamic solar schedule even creates day and night cycling so that the player or players have a more immersive and natural experience. 

Why Server Hosting Is Ideal For ARK: Survival Evolved

As we mentioned, Ark: Survival Evolved is very resource-intensive, and while it’s possible to play on your PC, it can hurt your gaming experience. Renting server hosting from a solid provider is one of the best ways to experience the game without overtaxing your system.

24/7-365 Game Availability

If you play Ark: Survival Evolved with friends in multiplayer mode, one of the best ways to ensure that your game is always ready for you or them is to rent a server. Even though you can host your Ark: Survival Evolved game server at home, you’re limited by your hardware, and you are in charge of rebooting or starting up the server if anything were to go wrong.

When you rent a server, all of that responsibility is on someone else’s shoulders. All you need to worry about is making sure you have enough narcoberries to tame those creatures. Your server hosting provider will ensure that your server is always up and that your game is always ready to play. You just need to log on, hop in, and play. 

Lower Overall Lag

When you’re playing on your own in single-player mode, your computer will most likely be able to keep up, but the second you want to start hosting people in your game, your system is going to hit some bottlenecks. This is because the system will need to handle your gameplay and all of the other instances for those that join your game. 

Renting a server eliminates this problem and gives you top-of-the-line hardware and consistent low-latency connections for all the players in the game. This way, you can have dozens of other people in your game without fear of rubberbanding or other connection or performance issues cropping up.

Server Customization & Player Control

One of the best overall features of using an Ark: Survival Evolved server hosting provider is that you will have complete control over every possible aspect of the game. This means you can mod it how you want to, install the expansion packs you want, and let in only the players that you feel increase your enjoyment.

Suppose you experience a player making problems or being disruptive, reducing the value of your or anyone else’s playtime. In that case, you can simply ban their IP address, and they will be barred from joining your server until you unban them. This means you don’t have to plan your game time around others, and you can play exactly the version of the game you want to, set up exactly as you need it to be.

Top 5 ARK Server Hosting Providers

  1. ServerBlend

Our pick for the best hosting provider is ServerBlend, which has the most robust and customizable overall experience, as well as convenient payment options, FTP access, and top-tier tech support. Setup is instant and automatic, and you can even switch your game at any time. Rates start at $18 a month for standard hosting, which is the best value, and $30 per month for the premium hosting service, which comes with the fastest hardware and fewer clients per node.

  1. Indifferent Broccoli

Indifferent Broccoli is a quirky and cool provider that caters largely to the creative crowd. They offer a customer-focused experience and even have a 48-hour free trial period to see if you like it. They have rental options with 8-64 slots, and their rates start at $12 per month. Indifferent Broccoli is a solid bet for low–lag stateside servers and low prices.

  1. G-Portal

G-Portal is a server hosting provider that tries to provide you with exacting control over your game server. Not only can you get monthly subscriptions, but you can also prepay for more extended periods and lock in your value. G-Portal can have your game set up and fully installed in less than 5 minutes, and it offers 10-27 slots, FTP access, and servers in Moscow, London, and Germany.

  1. Nodecraft

Starting at less than $10 per month for a reasonably powerful server, Nodecraft is one of the most economical options for hosting. They have the perk of allowing unlimited player slots, even if their hardware may not be top-tier until you get into the more expensive plans. Like other providers, they have a quick and painless setup and installation, and they have a reasonably adept customer service team.

  1. Survival Servers

Survival Servers have been a relatively well-known hosting platform for ARK for some time now. They offer hosting for PC and PS4, and they have a fully customizable management panel that allows you to customize your experience and gameplay. For a standard 20-slot server, you’ll be looking at about $20-$25 per month, with discounts for prepaying for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time.

Having in ARK Server Hosted By One Of The Best

No matter what you’re looking for in your ARK server hosting provider, there’s one on our list for you. From power-users to the budget-conscious, single players and multiplayer beasts, weigh the options and what you need from your service and jump in. 

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