How Sleeping on An Old Mattress Can Affect Your Health

Quality sleeping is one of the most important things when it comes to your health. Without quality sleep, you risk suffering from depression, anxiety, as well as other health complications. Plus, people who don’t have quality sleep tend to have poor productivity. Still more, the type of mattress you have can influence the quality of your sleep. Here is how a bad mattress can affect your health


Low-quality sleep will often make you feel tired and drowsy. If your mattress isn’t allowing you to sleep comfortably, it could also affect your daily performance. It could prevent you from staying alert throughout the day.

Whereas it’s normal to feel drowsy in the afternoon, morning drowsiness isn’t normal. If your mattress is preventing you from getting quality sleep, then it’s time you consider purchasing a new one. Sleeping on a low-quality mattress will always make you feel unnaturally tired. And this can impact your ability to function well.

Back Pain

There is nothing as hurting as the back pain. There are several causes of back pain. From back strain, poor sleeping habits, to sports injuries, back pain is a common condition among people. Using a bad mattress can cause back pain. It can really hurt your back. That’s why you should sleep on a low-quality mattress. It’s important to note that law-quality mattresses will force you into sleeping or adopting poor sleeping positions.  Use this bed size chart to choose the best mattress and say no to joint pain. These unnatural positions will strain the muscles and cause lower back pain. Thus, don’t hurt your back. Avoid bad mattresses. Get a good mattress for better nights. Use a deeply filed, comfortable, and supportive mattress. It will help your spine stay straight while asleep. Purchase a good mattress today. There are good brands that make good mattresses. Conduct your research and purchase mattresses that are explicitly designed to eliminate back pain issues.


According to research, not getting enough sleep can lead to obesity. This is because people who don’t sleep well tend to eat a lot of food. Consequently, they are prone to obesity-related issues. Also, if you wake up at night, you are likely to develop obesity-related complications. Sleep deprivation causes a lack of energy and leads to drowsiness, which often makes you overeat. Still more, a poor-quality mattress makes you inactive during the day. It also makes you feel hungry from time to time. Thus, if you don’t want to be obese get a quality mattress. Preferably, get a comfortable mattress with good pillows.

The Irritation of The Lungs and Throat

Old mattresses tend to house dust mites. Of course, most mattresses contain dust mites. However, older mattresses tend to house more dust mites than new ones. That’s why you are advised to replace your mattress after every five years. A high concentration of dust mites can cause a myriad of skin as well as respiratory conditions. This includes asthma, sore throat, as well as eczema. Besides preventing dust mites from infesting your mattress, you should change your mattress often. It will limit dust mites and keep off these unnecessary conditions.

Weakened Immune System

Lack of enough sleep will make you sick often. Denying your body enough sleep can lead to a weakened immune system. This will make your body prone to sicknesses. Conditions like a common cold, fever, etc. will be frequenting in your body from time to time. Thus, consider changing your mattress to protect your body against these ailments. With a good mattress, you can sleep in your favorite position, stretch from time to time, deal with dust mites, and enjoy comfortable nights. These things will make your immune system stronger, keeping common diseases at bay.

Heart Conditions

According to the experts, you should sleep for at least 8 hours a day. Not getting enough sleep can negatively affect your cardiac health. In particular, it can cause heart-related conditions. If stats are anything to go by, sleeping less than 8 hours per day increases your chances of developing heart-related diseases. These stats are worrying, right? Well, then start sleeping enough. Sleep on a comfortable mattress.

Still more, if you are a short sleeper, you are likely to develop stroke later in your life. That’s not all, short sleepers are prone to high blood pressure. That’s why you need to replace your mattress now. Spend more hours in bed. It will kick away heart-related conditions from your life.

Memory Problems

Memory loss is associated with the old. However, there are other factors that can cause memory-related issues. One of those factors is poor sleep. Not sleeping enough can make your memory start fading away. Remember, sleep is an important aspect when it comes to creating memories. That’s why people who sleep enough tend to have better memories. They can easily recall things.

Premature Aging

Half-moon sharpness, which usually occurs under the eye, is mostly caused by sleeping on the wrong mattress. Remember, sleep can affect the way your skin grows. In particular, a bad mattress will keep you awake. This will have negative effects on your skin. According to the stats, people who sleep enough tend to have better skins than their short sleepers counterparts. If you don’t sleep enough, you will start experiencing premature aging. Thus, don’t allow your mattress to keep you awake for long. You need enough sleep. Thus, get a new mattress and stay young forever.

Joint Soreness

Don’t sleep on a too-hard mattress. Of course, these mattresses can be good for posture. However, they can lead to joint pain. Thus, avoid too hard mattresses. Sleep on a firm, luxurious mattress. Remember, a mattress that is too hard will exert excess pressure on the tailbones, shoulders, as well as arms, leading to joint soreness.

Reduced Libido

A bad mattress can lead to a low sex drive. A poor mattress can cause erectile dysfunction as well as poor sperm count. Bring in a good mattress for good night intimate moments.

The Bottom-Line

Do you experience reduced libido? Are you feeling anxious at night? Do you experience back pain from time to time? Well, it may be because of the mattress you are sleeping on. A bad mattress will negatively affect your health. The above are some of the effects of using a bad mattress.


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