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Dota 2 Tournament: The International Compendium Game: 

The International Compendium Game is an annual Dota 2 tournament hosted by Valve Corporation. The first International was held in Cologne, Germany, at Gamescom in 2011, with a total prize pool of $1,600,000. The tournament has grown significantly since then, with the prize pool reaching over $24,731,574 in 2016. 

The International is composed of a series of tournaments leading up to a final event. The first stage, the Open Qualifiers, allows any team to compete for a spot in the playoffs. The second stage, the Regional Qualifiers, features teams that have won through the Open Qualifiers competing against invited teams from different regions around the world. The third stage, the Main Event, is a week-long tournament in which the best teams from the Regional Qualifiers compete for the title of Champion. 

Dota 2 Tournament Valve has released a number of products to support The International. The most notable of these products is the Compendium, an interactive digital book that contains information on all of the teams and players competing in The International, as well as predictions for the tournament, polls, and other bonus content. The Compendium has been a major success for Dota 2 Tournament, with over 27 million copies sold.

The International has been credited with helping to grow the popularity of Dota 2. In 2013, the game had an all-time peak player count of over 800,000 players.

Other Things to  know About Dota 2 tournament:- 

Nowadays, Dota 2 tournament are held all over the world with prize pools of millions of dollars. The International, which is the biggest and most prestigious event in the Dota 2 calendar, offers a staggering $23 million in prize money. So how do these tournaments work? What should you know if you want to watch one? Let’s take a look.

Know About Format of Dota 2 Tournamets:-

Most tournaments are divided into two main parts: the group stage and the playoffs. The group stage is where all the teams are split into groups, and they play a round-robin format against each other in order to determine who goes through to the next round. The playoffs are then contested by the top two teams from each group, and a series of elimination matches decide who wins.

The International is a little different in that the qualifying teams are divided into two groups but still have a round-robin stage followed by the playoffs. This makes the group stage more important because not only does it determine which team goes through to the next phase, but also which teams form their group.

In some tournaments, there are also wildcard matches to decide who joins the top two of each group in going into the next stage. These can be played as a series or a best of three instead of a round-robin format.

  • The Group Stage

To begin with, teams are split into groups and compete in a series of matches. Each team plays every other team in their group once, with the top two teams qualifying for the next stage. Some tournaments also include a third-place decider to determine who goes through as second seed if there is a tie on points.

The most important thing for people watching this is to know which teams are in which groups. This can be found on the tournament’s website or alternatively at Dota 2 Tournament, where you can also see past results.

  • The Playoffs

If there isn’t a third-place decider, then the top two teams of each group go into the playoffs. There are usually only four teams advancing from the group stage, but this can be different for bigger tournaments.

The playoffs are a series of elimination matches where the first team to lose is eliminated. The format is usually best of three or best of five, and the final is always a best of five.

As with the group stage, it’s important to know which teams are playing against each other.

As you know all about the format of Dota 2 tournament, so go and watch one! The International is definitely the biggest event on the calendar, but there are many other tournaments that offer great viewing experiences. Be sure to check out the schedule and see which teams are playing so that you can enjoy the matches to the fullest.

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