Spotify marketing in 2021 – What’s working?

Spotify marketing

What’s everyone running around so much with this Spotify? What is the hype around him? Yes, it’s simple – this is one of the largest music streams in the world and accounts for 1/3 of all streams. Plus, streaming earnings are growing. What became interesting?

Spotify is a cool taste preference algorithm that has brought in a lot of new popular musicians like Lorde. Get an artist card on Spotify – high-quality photos, links to your social networks, filling out a biography (preferably in 3rd person) – in general, do everything cool at once, right down to the cool covers of your tracks and albums. This is a very important step. 

Developing a strategy: do not immediately lay out all the available material, lay out gradually and regularly. 1 track every 3-4 weeks. This will give your track a better chance of shooting. Don’t forget to buy Spotify plays and get more attention via the algorithm itself.

Promo track

Release the track through your distributor – at least 4 weeks before the official release, so that Spotify editors have time to listen to it and add it to various playlists. We are waiting for the track to appear on the Upcoming tab in Spotify for Artists.

We send the track for promo via the “Pitch a Song” button . It is important to fill out the application correctly – do not click everything, on the contrary, it will make your track worse. Choose what fits the track: specific genre, instruments, mood.

Make a cool description that will help editors put the track in the desired playlist, as well as sign with which bloggers and on which platforms you plan to promote your track. This is just as important a step as getting a cool artist card design. Because Spotify is about algorithms.

Make your own playlists, since Spotify is about playlists – so you can also promote yourself if your playlists reach your audience.

Pitch track to independent curators

Set aside a few hours and find popular playlists, contact their authors and let them listen to your track – if they like your work, then you can get hundreds and thousands of additional plays. Engage your audience on Spotify to get people to subscribe – do it through all available social networks. Spread the link to your promoted song in active music communities, blogs, and forums that Spotify parses. Target Facebook Ads (Insta + FB) with a link to your track.

Official Spotify Ads with the most memorable snippet of the promoted song up to 30 seconds long. But the main thing is to remember the magic, the magic, and the content on schedule. If the track is still, nothing will help. It’s worth making great music first and then investing time, money, and effort to promote it.


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