what do ducks eat

What do ducks eat?

Feeding ducks and other freshwater birds such as geese, swans, coots, and moorhens is a fun activity for kids, bringing them closer to nature and nurturing an enduring love and respect for wild animals. Almost at every pound of local parks, there are some ducks. What do ducks eat and Feeding these ducks is something you can do at any age. 

What do ducks eat?

The ordinary diet of ducks is marine undergrowth such as pondweed, some seeds, insects in the water or on earth, every kind of worm, small water snails and amphibians, and even sometimes they eat crustaceans such as crayfish. It is widespread to see ducks, swans, and other birds ducking down into the water and getting their food from the bottom. This is their normal way of feeding, and the diversity of food they eat provides them well-adjusted nutrition, which keeps them healthy.

What can we feed to ducks?

As per the recommendations of vets, some of the best food items to feed ducks are:

  • We can give them Sweetcorn in tinned, frozen, or fresh form. However, it is important to make sure that you defrost frozen corn.
  • You can give them all types of salad leaves as long as they are not slimy.
  • Peas are also good for ducks. There is no need to cook them, but if they are frozen, defrost them before feeding them to ducks.
  • Oats are complete nutrition for ducks. A variety of oats such as rolled oats and even instant porridge oats are fine to feed ducks. Small pieces of flapjack can also be given but make sure that they are not too sweet.
  • Seeds are a common food item for ducks. There are many different kinds of birdseed available in the supermarket as they are very nutritious as well. 
  • We can feed them Rice in both cooked and uncooked forms.

Should we feed bread to ducks? What do ducks eat?

Usually, many people fed bread to ducks, mainly stale bread. Going to the park with an old loaf of bread was a great way to spend a couple of hours with nature. 

However, in recent years, it has been proven that bread isn’t good for ducks because bread isn’t nutritious. Moreover, the bread itself isn’t dangerous to ducks, but it lacks many natural, nutritious food sources to keep them healthy. Ducks fed on bread can become undernourished and even overheavy, preventing them from flying. They can become ill, occasionally developing lung disease. According to the RSPB, it’s satisfactory to feed small amounts of bread, but they recommend avoiding giving them the whole piece of bread at once. Chips, crackers, cereal, and sweets must give to ducks. 

How to feed ducks?

It is essential to supervise children when feeding ducks and keep them safe from slipping into the water.  Don’t let them get too close to the ducks. It’s good to sprinkle food on the surface of the water as compared to the land. Because if we bring ducks to feed on land, it will expose them to predators as well. Always Feed small amounts of food and ensure they eat it all before adding more.

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