What is truffle?

What is truffle?


Truffles are the most expensive wild fungi in the world. They are roughly divided into black truffles and white truffles. Together with caviar and foe gars, they are called “the three major Western cuisines” and highly regarded Europe. In China, truffles are relatively unfamiliar to everyone, what is truffles and what is truffles. Listen to me carefully. There is a truffle video on the homepage, which is a live video of truffles. It is a very intuitive understanding of truffles. What is it?

This is the most expensive wild fungus in the world. A piece of 454 grams of white truffle sells for more than US$2,000. Nevertheless, it is still in short supply and is regarded as a treasure by many top restaurants. It is cut into small pieces as thin as paper and sprinkled on silver plates for display. No matter how much you spend, it is impossible to feast on it. You can only taste a few thin slices at a time. Why is this seemingly common fungus so precious?

One is because it has rigorous environmental requirements. It only lives with the roots of the oak tree. This is its warmest home. It may not be good enough or fertile, but it just loves with all its heart. Therefore, if you want to pick truffles, you can only find them in dense oak forests. Someone once planted the bacteria on the roots of fresh oak saplings and then carefully watered them, hoping that it could thrive in this comfortable environment. Truffles always “do not know good or bad,” either not extended, or they grow into monsters without fragrance. Truffles have no scent, just like a person loses his soul and no longer has any value.

 White Truffle 

The second reason is that truffles are difficult to find. It is impossible to see it with human eyes and smell. It is like a hermit and never easily exposed to impetuous people. In Italy, collecting white truffles requires a certificate. Families who excavate truffle have engaged in this industry for generations, and they are called “truffle hunters.” Usually, the “Truffle Hunter” family has an ancestral truffle map, like a “treasure map,” because truffles grow with memory. That is, truffles regenerate every year under oak trees that have grown truffles.

Therefore, which woods and oaks have truffles under them becomes the top secret of the family. As long as the hounds discover the smell of truffles, they will dig the soil frantically. One of the most critical elements of collecting is to bury the earth as it is. Otherwise, the following year will never want to see the shadow of white truffles.


What is truffle?

Pure Truffles

The third reason is that, so far, there is almost no artificial cultivation method for pure truffles. Truffle, caviar, and foe gars are known as the three top ingredients in the world. Both caviar and foie gras have found artificial cultivation methods. Only truffles can only grow in a purely natural wild state. It’s weird. No matter how hard people try to get close to it, it always remains proud and refuses to accept any form of “recruitment.” Humans can not decipher the natural password between it and the oak root. Its life is unique and cannot copy.

Because of the “arrogance” of white truffles, this kind of creature is scarce. So far, this wild fungus has only been found in a small area in Italy. Even in the best year, the annual output is only about 3 tons. It is also so expensive because of its rarity.

What is a truffle? Through a brief introduction in this article, we can roughly know what truffle is. Simply put, it is an expensive fungus. In the end, a few photos are attached for everyone to see the truth.

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