Summary of settings, usage, and introduction of actual game emulator / retro game emulation! FC, SFC, PS2, GBA, DS, etc.!

What is an emulator? ??

Typically, an actual dedicated machine  required to start a game, but it has the advantage that it can  run in a simulated manner in an operating best emulators for pc environment different from the original specifications, and

multiple game machines can start on one computer!

Copying programs such as BIOS and ROM included in the actual machine is an infringement of intellectual property rights. Still, after analyzing the operation of the actual machine, a method of independently developing software that behaves in the same way as the previous BIOS ( Reverse engineering) is legal.


There are often talks such as [ best emulators for pc is illegal ] in the streets, but let’s understand that it is wholly wrong and legal! !!

Do not download the ROM! !!

However, of course, it is illegal to download the ROM online.

There are various online download sites on the net, but be sure to refrain from using them! !!

You can quickly get it from this site, but let’s stop! You can legally get the software by sucking it out. Security measures are essential.

However, it is necessary to access overseas sites to install the emulator. There is a higher risk of viruses and communication interception than Japanese sites, so if possible, it’s recommended to install a VPN with excellent connection anonymity to improve security. ..

What is a VPN? ??

Abbreviation for ” Virtual Private Network. “

Simply put, you can use the Internet using a virtual “dedicated line.”

Anonymity improves because the IP address can change freely.

There is a free service, but there is a problem with poor line quality and slow speed.

Therefore, ” NordVPN ” with good line quality is popular.

You can use servers in each country with just one click like this, so anonymity is outstanding!

Nintendo Equipment Emulator: best emulators for pc

NES (FC) emulation

They were crazy about 8-bit devices from small children to adults, and various games such as the world-famous series Mario Zelda were born from this device.

 Characteristics of Nestopia Famicom Emu ]

It’s been decades since its release, so it works on most of your computers.

It is highly reproducible and can operate like the actual machine, and functions that can use only with the emulator, such as online battles, have been added so that you can play with more comfort than the actual machine.

Super Nintendo (SFC) Emu: best emulators for pc

Equipped with a 16-bit CPU, it reproduces graphic images that NES with 32,768 colors could not express! It is also a great point that the familiar A, B, X, Y, and L / R have been added to the controller.

 Characteristics of SNES9 Super Nintendo ]

You can play with low spec notes as well as NES.

Emu is highly reproducible and also has an internet function!

You can enjoy the Super Nintendo with more detailed and beautiful images than the actual machine by overlapping the graphics.

Virtual Boy (VBjin) Emulation: best emulators for pc

It is possible to make it look three-dimensional by displaying different images on the left and suitable screens on a strange game machine that plays by looking into the goggle type display 

[ Characteristics of VBjin Super Nintendo ]

Virtual Boy emulators are not well developed, and many emulations are not compatible with the recently popular VR headsets, but

this emulation is compatible with VR goggles! !!

Nintendo 64 (N64) emulation: best emulators for pc

Cumulative worldwide sales are 33 million units, of which 5.5 million units in Japan are a

a significant drop in sales performance compared to the previous work + 206 titles in total, but there are a small number of masterpieces.

[ Characteristics of Project64 Nintendo 64 Emu ]

It has been more than 22 years since the central unit was released, and it can operate comfortably unless it has high reproducibility and low specifications like fossils.

This can also be played online, and since it is a polygon, you can enjoy it with clean and clean image quality if you improve the graphics.

It’s a shame that there are no USB controllers on the market similar to the Nintendo 64 controller.

GameCube (GC) emulation: best emulators for pc

It was the first Nintendo game console to use an optical disc, and although its performance was higher than that of the PS2, which was rampant at the time, it did not affect sales. Like all 284 titles and N64, the software is small, but there are many masterpieces. How to wash shoes There are still many fans of the GameCube controller’s design and ease of operation. Who uses the GC controller when smashing is a war.


 [ Characteristics of Dolphin Nintendo GameCube Emu ]


It’s been over 15 years since the central unit release, and the specs are a thing of the past, but low specs are a little tricky when it comes to emulation.

  • CPU: Core i5 or i7 rated 2.5Ghz or higher (recommended 3Ghz or higher)
  • VGA: GeForce GTX 650 Ti or higher recommended.

The reproducibility is generally comfortable, and some titles may have problems.

Wii emulation: best emulators for pc

Intuitive operation by the controller “Wii remote control” connected by wireless communication, which has broken the conventional game concept, is on sale.

With the theme of software that families can enjoy, it has become widespread among families and those who do not usually play games.

 [ Characteristics of Dolphin Wii Emu ]

If the specifications are such that the GC emulator works comfortably, it can work.

It is highly reproducible and can be played, but games that entirely use 3D models require reasonable specifications.

In addition, since there is much software that mainly operates the remote control, it is troublesome to connect the Wii remote control.

Wii U emulation: best emulators for pc

As a feature, you can enjoy the game only with “Wii U GamePad” and play with the monitor with the controller “Wii U GamePad” equipped with a liquid crystal display. Unfortunately, it is upward compatible with Wii because it supports HD / 1080p video output. The main reason why I didn’t switch was that I could only see it, and the price was higher than the Wii.

However, it was huge that Splatoon was created.

 [Characteristics of CEMU Wii U Emu]

Since it is HD / 1080p video output, it seems pretty heavy, and the operation is light for the image quality.

Half of the games work comfortably, but many do not start.

The recommended line is equipped with a GeForce GTX 1060 gaming PC.

However, to start the software, you need the key for the software you want to start, so you need to check it.

Nintendo Switch emulation: best emulators for pc

As an evolution of what Wii U wanted to express, it is a game machine that can be played stationary and portable. You can play games of the same quality as a stationary machine at home or outside.

[ Characteristics of YUZU Nintendo Switch Emu ]

The latest device, Switch, also has an emulation!


It’s a little heavy, but it works comfortably depending on the item.

GBA / GB (Game Boy Advance) emulation: best emulators for pc

It is the successor to the Game Boy (GB) series

and is compatible with Game Boy and GameBoy Color software.

 [ Characteristics of Visualboy Advance GBA / GB EMU ]

Compared to other emulators, it works by far.

Also, although it cannot be used on the actual machine, online competition is possible! !!

DS (Nintendo DS) emulation: best emulators for pc: best emulators for pc

It is a game machine with two screens and is quite unusual from that time, such as voice recognition with a touch screen and microphone.

However, it is

a monster game machine has increased the game population with a big hit due to its ease of use and foldable portability.

[ Characteristics of DeSmuME DS emulation ]

Compared to other emulations on the DS,

the number of software that runs is different, and the feature is that the reproducibility of the actual machine is high!

Also, although it is a little troublesome to set up, you can play online because you can connect to Wifi.

3DS (Nintendo 3DS) emulation: best emulators for pc

 Since the three-dimensional game image can be seen with the naked eye and the

graphic performance has dramatically improved, various remake works have been released.

Compatible functions also included  How to print screen, and you can also play Nintendo DSi software for Nintendo DS series and Nintendo DSi wear for DSi / DSi LL.

[ Characteristics of Citra 3DS Emu ]

Citra is far more compatible and reproducible than other 3DS emulators, although it is far from practical, with only dozens of software running on other 3DS emulators.

SONY real machine emulator: best emulators for pc

PlayStation1 (PlayStation1) emulation:

best emulators for pc

Popularity explodes due to the concentration of FF and Dragon Quest on PlayStation.

It boasted an overwhelming market share among game consoles of the same generation. Although it specializes in 3D polygon drawing, it matches the times, and the 2D series has become a 3D model, expanding the range of expression.

[ Characteristics of ePSXe PS1 emulation ]


It has more than 20 years since the central unit release, so if a light 3D online works, it

will work comfortably. It has high reproducibility and depending on the software. It will work more comfortably than the actual machine.

PlayStation 2 (PlayStation 2) emulation:

best emulators for pc


can also use as a DVD player by adopting DVD and graphic processing that significantly improves compared to PS1.

In addition, PS1 compatible functions and the strongest equipment with excellent cost performance have been released for more than ten years, and many masterpieces have been released.

[ Characteristics of PCSX2 PS2 emulation ]

Since it has  abnormal for 15 years since the central unit  released, the reproducibility is high

and the texture may be buggy, or the speed may be slow depending on the object, but

it works comfortably if there is a certain amount of gaming PC.

CPU: Core i5 or i7 with a rating of 2.5Ghz or higher (recommended 3Ghz or higher)

VGA: GeForce GTX 750 Ti or higher recommended.

PlayStation 3 (PlayStation 3) emulation: best emulators for pc

High-definition resolution (Full HD / 1920 x 1080 standard), HDMI, and Blu-ray discs have been adopted to improve graphics suitable for new era game consoles.

Since many games for adults are released on PS3, the quality of the software itself is high.

[Characteristics of RPCS3 PS3 emulation]

Developed for many years, finally started + about 30% of games work comfortably Since it was

a generation ago, the required specifications  high and GTX 1070 or higher recommend

It is hard to

say that it works comfortably up to the menu screen depending on the game, but it  actively updated Since it has done, you can expect future emulation

PlayStation 4 (PlayStation 4) emulation: best emulators for pc

The graphics are more delicate and support high image quality. The texture of the skin and the expression of light are close to living action.

The emphasis is on out-of-game features such as enhanced network capabilities to “share” gameplay and remote play on the go.

[Characteristics of PS4 Emu]

At present, the development has not yet reached the stage where it announces, and there is no prospect.

There is a high possibility that it will be several years ahead in terms of specifications.

PSP (PlayStation Portable) emulation: best emulators for pc

It is possible to draw graphics with the quality close to PlayStation 2!

Equipped with music/video/photo viewing, Wi-Fi, and web browser

A game machine that has become popular as a multimedia device such as the ” 21st Century Walkman ” can also play games.

  [Characteristics of PPSSPP PSP emulation]

Since it is compatible with each OS as well as a personal computer, you

can experience high-quality PSP emulation regardless of the device.

It also has a double speed function, so it is

also attractive that the gameplay itself operates more comfortably than the actual machine.

PS Vita (PlayStation Vita) emulation: best emulators for pc

You can play games on the PlayStation Portable (PSP) next-generation handheld game console with PS3-like graphics.

[Characteristics of Vita 3KPS Vita Emu]

Vita’s emulation is currently under development.

Some software works, so let’s try it once.

SEGA / SEGA emulator

MEGA DRIVE ( Mega Drive ) emulator:

best emulators for pc

It was hard to compete with Nintendo’s Super Nintendo at the same time.

It was a game machine that was particularly popular overseas, and at one point, it was number one in North America.

[ Characteristics of Kega Fusion Mega Drive Emu]

In addition to Mega Drive, it also supports Master System, Mega CD, and Game Gear.

It’s a very convenient emulator because it supports all of them, so you don’t have to prepare a separate emulation.

SEGA SATURN emulation: best emulators for pc

The number of NINTENDO 64s of the same generation exceeded the number of units sold in Japan, and since it is the best-selling hardware as Sega in the Japanese market, isn’t it quite well known? ??

 [ Characteristics of SSF  Sega Saturn Emu ]

Compared to other SEGA Saturn emulators,

the number of software that operates is different, and the reproducibility of the actual machine is high!

If the reproducibility is low, it may drop even if it operates halfway, or it may

not operate in the first place, so the

highly stable [SSF] can be used with confidence.

Dreamcast ( Dreamcast ) Emu: best emulators for pc

A feature of Sega’s last game machine that equips with an analog modem for Internet communication as standard equipment, and a game machine that is too ahead of the times when it the first to adopt online competition.

Although I lost the battle in the game market, it is worth playing because of many exciting works.

[ NullDC DreamcastFeatures of Emu ]

Compared to other emulations of Dreamcast

Satan, the number of software that operates is different, and the reproducibility of the actual machine is high!

Since it is an emulator with many custom elements called the plug-in method, you can build it according to your environment.

XBOX emulator

Xbox 360 ( Xbox Sanrokumaru) emulation

[Xenia Xbox 360Features of Emulation ]

Compared to other XBOX emulations,

the stability of the actual machine that operates is high, and there are almost no performance-related problems.

Also, it works much better than other emulators.

Other emulators

POCKET NEOGEO ( Neo Geo Pocket ) Emu

[Characteristics of NeoPop Neo Geo Pocket Emu ]

Compared to other emulations of Neo Geo Pocket,

the stability of the actual machine that operates is high, and there are almost no performance-related problems.

It is also recommended as it is possible to play online.

WonderSwan ( color ) emulation

The feature is that you can play vertical screen games by holding the central unit vertically.

[Features of OSwan WonderSwan / Color Emu ]

It boasts high compatibility with more than 90% of game software,

and its stable production and How to turn off windows defender operational comfort are outstanding compared to other emulators.

It also has a safe state that was not perfect at home, and

It also supports a controller with save / sound.

android emulation

An emulator for mobile android is also possible.

You can enjoy smartphone-only apps on your computer! !!

MacOS emulator

What are the general risks of using an emulation / overseas site? ??

It’s a valuable emulator, but it’s best to aware of the two risks involved when using it. Risk of arrest and compensation

Although it is illegal to worry about, [ use of the emulator itself ] is legal.

However, if the file violates the copyright, it will naturally be classified in the category of illegal download, so there is a good possibility of [ arrest or compensation ].

However, since it is a specification that [ files cannot confirm until the basic download complete ], it’s pretty possible that illegal content mix in the file that I think legal.

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