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The 7 Best TV Antennas Of 2021 – TV Antenna – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

You will find antennas, cables, or other accessories that allow you to connect the television to the fullest to enjoy all your favorite programs in our ranking. Best outdoor tv antenna If you still do not know which product to buy, we invite you to read our guides and reviews carefully so that you can select the most congenial solutions for you. Among the products we recommend, you can find the DeleyCon TV antenna cable, perfect for those who want to avoid any signal loss thanks to the presence of gold-plated connectors, or 1byOne ODE00-0543, a portable antenna that is particularly useful for those traveling by camper.

TV antenna cable

  1. Deleon 1 meter angled HDTV TV antenna cable.

In the first place of our ranking, we do not have an actual TV antenna. Still, an equally valuable accessory to see TV programs is the cable that allows you to interface the appliance with the antenna itself.

The product, sold by DeleyCon, is available in various lengths, not only 1 meter but up to a maximum of 20, to allow connection even in more distant areas of the house without necessarily carrying out masonry work that would require time and money.

One of the most exciting features is the right-angled shape of one of the ends, which you can then position in the best possible way to prevent the TV cabinet from being too detached from the wall itself. The contacts at both ends are gold-plated, which slightly increases the price compared to other offerings. However, it is a material that has high conductivity and therefore guarantees excellent transmission without loss of quality or signal.


Installation: Made simple by the presence of one end with a right-angled connector. In this way, it can be inserted into the wall socket without forcing you to move the TV cabinet if necessary.

Connectors: As with premium finishing products, they are both gold-plated in this case to ensure maximum conductivity and avoid annoying signal loss.

Length: You can choose the one that best suits your needs, from a minimum of 1 up to 20 meters.


System: If the home is poorly positioned, with old and busy ducts, it may be challenging to obtain signal improvements using the DeleyCon cable.

Portable TV Antenna

  1. 1byone Portable Antenna with Magnetic Base TV DVB-T UHF / FM

The 1byOne portable TV antenna is one of the most exciting offers for all users with reception problems with the classic condominium antenna. This could be damaged, and some consumers have reported their negative experiences regarding handling the problem by individual administrators. If you can’t wait any longer without seeing your favorite channels, you can opt for the 1byOne product, which can be easily connected to your TV. 

Then place the antenna on a balcony, a window, or in any case outside to start receiving all the main channels such as Rai and Mediaset. Also appreciated by those who use it on the move, perhaps while moving with the truck or camper, the ODE00-0543 guarantees a stable signal even if it would still be naive to expect reception of all the available channels. However, it must be considered an emergency solution or used in exceptional cases, and those who bought it to use it at home have not obtained favorable results.

The antenna is connected to a four-meter cable for greater ease of installation to make it easier to place it in an outdoor area or towards a window. For better performance, the manufacturer recommends pointing it towards a transmission tower or, in any case, change orientation if you are unable to tune any channel. The cost is low, so don’t expect miracles or perfect receptions with high definition quality.


Portable: The convenience of the 1byOne antenna is its portable nature. You can install it both in the home, trying to position it outdoors, or in a truck or camper to enjoy TV programs even while traveling.

Length: The cable to which the antenna is connected is a good four meters, a factor that increases the convenience of installation, avoiding positioning problems. Thus, you can carry out tests in different areas to find the most suitable point to receive the main channels.

Magnetic base: For those wishing to carry out a wall installation, thus placing it in a higher area for better reception, they can rely on the antenna’s magnetic base.


Not for indoor use: Although the manufacturer points out that it can also be used as an indoor antenna, in reality, user evidence dispels this myth. Using it within the home walls, you will have terrible reception.

Internal TV antenna

  1. Meliconi AT-49 Indoor TV Antenna with Amplification Up to 49 dB

The purchase of an indoor TV antenna should only be considered in exceptional cases. Users who are surrounded by buildings or mountains and hills may not be able to take advantage of the full power of the product. Therefore, before wasting your money on useless purchases, How to format a hard drive, it would be better to evaluate the location of your home carefully. However, those who do not have such problems could use the Meliconi AT-49 antenna, an indoor antenna with amplification up to 49 dB, one of the best-selling products for receiving digital terrestrial signals.

The product receives the DVB-T, DAB, DVB-T HD, and DVB-T2 signal and is compatible with the HD definition. The best way to get good reception is to place the antenna near a window or an exterior wall, possibly away from metal objects. The installation plays a fundamental role in the reception of all the main channels. Therefore it should not be underestimated. 

One of the advantages of the product is its shielding. You can visit electronics foru The filters are used to avoid interference with 4G / LTE and GSM signals, so you can also use them near smartphones and tablets equipped with SIM for the mobile network.

The price is attractive, although it is possible to find cheaper products that, in terms of performance, are equal to the Meliconi product, which has a good build quality on its side. Some users argue that it could prove to be a good choice for those forced to spend a period in the hospital, helping in the reception of channels and seeing all their favorite TV programs.


HD signal: The antenna can guarantee a high definition signal from the main channels such as Rai and Mediaset. This detail could push video quality lovers to choose the Meliconi product.

Simple installation: As with most portable or indoor antennas, the product in question is also straightforward to install. Just place it near a window and connect the cable to the TV to start tuning.

Workaround: Many users appreciate the antenna as an emergency product used in the hospital or in cases where the primary antenna needs repair.


Fluctuating performance: The Meliconi antenna can perform satisfactorily or below expectations depending on the area in which you are located. Pay close attention to your surroundings before purchasing the product, especially if mountains or buildings surround you.

TV antenna for Digital Terrestrial

  1. 1byone Indoor TV Antenna, Antenna for DTT DVB-T / DVB-T 2


If, on the other hand. You are looking for a TV antenna for digital terrestrial. The company 1byOne. Preferred by users for the highly competitive cost of its devices. It still comes in handy. The product in question. ODE00-0542. It is ideal for installation at home, preferably near a window or a wall facing the outside. To guarantee optimal reception of all channels. Even those in HD. 

The manufacturer claims that the maximum range to receive the signal from the transmission tower is 40 km. So you must be within this range to have satisfactory results. Those who live in an area with a weak signal may not see any changes, following the installation of the antenna. Therefore, Before proceeding with the purchase. It is good to evaluate the received signal’s strength not to waste your money.

Suppose you intend to use it on the move. Perhaps while you are on holiday with the family in a camper. Then the product can give you some satisfaction. It is not recommended for any installations in taverns—cellars, basements, and so on. The only way to receive the signal is to be in an elevated area without too many obstacles around. The antenna is, in fact, very susceptible to too many walls and environments. Shielded.

Some consumers, for easier placement, recommend installing the antenna in two. One person will have to concentrate on visible reception through the TV. And the other will have to move around the house slowly, holding the antenna up until they find a suitable place.


HD: The antenna is enabled for the reception of high-definition channels. However, this is a feature obtainable in optimal conditions. Suppose you have a poor signal. You may not obtain the quality in high definition.

Convenience: With a four-meter cable included. You can best install the antenna. Moving around the house even at a certain distance from the TV to find the best reception point.

Also, on the move: The antenna also works well as a camper product if you plan to go on a trip with your family without giving up the convenience of the TV.


Range of action: To get the most out of the antenna. You need to be within a radius of 40 km from the nearest transmission tower. A factor that limits use in slightly more isolated areas of the peninsula.

External TV antenna

  1. 1byone Digital TV Antenna for Indoor and Outdoor HDTV

If you want to have optimal reception without sacrificing quality.The best solution is to opt for an external TV antenna like the one proposed by 1byOne. The product in question has an integrated LTE / 4G filter to avoid interference from wireless systems. smartphones, and tablets, so you will not have to worry about using these devices near the antenna.

Installation is straightforward. And all you have to do is connect it to your TV. With an integrated decoder using a coaxial cable. In contrast, for old TVs, connect the antenna to the digital terrestrial box. The package includes everything you need to fix the antenna to a railing or a wall to hold it steady and direct it as best as possible to obtain an optical signal. However, it should always be clarified that since these are tiny antennas compared to those commonly installed on roofs, reception may not be satisfactory in areas with little coverage or excessively surrounded by buildings, mountains, and hills. 

We are talking about low-cost products that cannot work—miracles in any way before buying the 1byOne external antenna. Therefore, make sure that your area has at least a repeater no more than 40 km away. One of the defects encountered by some consumers is the quality of the plastics, which are considered too light and fragile. The price is still beautiful and below the average of similar products. To find out where to buy the new product, you can click on the link below.


Price: For an outdoor antenna, the cost is not high, and for those on a tight budget or who want to install the antenna in a secondary home where they spend less time is a satisfying purchase.

Filter: The shielding against LTE / 4G interference from mobile phones and tablets is essential, especially if you live in an apartment building where wireless devices that could alter the signal are used a lot.

Installation: In the package, you will find everything you need to install your external antenna quickly and without too many problems, fixing it, for example, to the balcony railing.


Build quality: By comparing it with other external antennas, 1byOne’s can be considered among the best performing even if users claim that the plastics it is made of are not particularly resistant.

TV antenna for Camper

  1. Direct Importer Omnidirectional Terrestrial DVB-T / T2 TV Antenna

Those who frequently travel with their family may be looking for a TV antenna for motorhomes, perfect for all those who love “on the road” travel but don’t want to give up home comforts such as a TV and their favorite programs. The Direct Importer product, AN10, is an omnidirectional TV antenna that can be used, if desired, even in the home, thanks to the integrated LTE / 4G filter that shields it from ubiquitous smartphone tablets. 

Having a 360 ° discoid conformation and a compact design minimizes the effects of the wind in the movement phases, and you will not have to fear losing the signal while traveling. It is also built with anti-UV materials, resistant to water and sun to cope with any weather condition. You will find everything you need to mount the antenna in the package, including a six-meter coaxial cable, a 220V power supply, and a 12 / 24V cable.

The gain amplifier is adjustable up to 30 dB, more than enough for the reception of the central Rai and Mediaset channels and in some Italy also for HD channels.

The dual output allows you to connect two televisions to the amplifier and watch two different programs independently, which is convenient if you have children who want to watch cartoons while watching the news.

Some users who have also installed it on their boat say they are satisfied with the reception, although the cost is still above average, the only fundamental flaw of the product.


Shielding: The internal LTE / 4G filter avoids interference from smartphones and tablets, making the viewing experience of the channels as satisfying as possible.

Complete kit: In the package, you will find everything you need to install the antenna at home, on the camper, or even on a boat, a straightforward procedure that will take no more than half an hour of your time.

Dual Output: The amplifier allows you to connect two different TVs, giving you the ability to watch two channels simultaneously.


Price: The cost is not the lowest. However, suppose you are looking for an antenna with a design specifically designed to withstand atmospheric agents and allow use even on the move. In that case, the Direct Importer product is for you.

V Antenna Kit

  1. Televes Kit Antenna HD 149902 with 20 meters cable

For those looking for an “all in one” solution, the kit proposed by Televes is undoubtedly interesting. In fact, in the package, we find an antenna, the respective power supply, the Best outdoor tv antenna, a roll of coaxial cable, and a connector for the male right-angle TV antenna. How to change margins in google docs In this way, you will have everything you need to carry out a do-it-yourself installation, which is extremely simple even for the layman. 

If you do not have particular confidence in your skills, there is no need to fear inside the box. You will also find the instructions in Italian, which will guide you step by step in the assembly.

The purchase should be considered especially by users who live in areas far from repeaters, where the signal is weaker and is hardly captured by older and less efficient antennas. We emphasize that the cable included in the package may prove to be too short for some consumers, thus forcing them to purchase one separately.


Kit: You will find everything you need to start using the TV antenna in the package immediately. However, it must be emphasized that the included cable, 20 meters long, may not be enough for all needs.

Efficiency: The antenna could solve the problems of consumers who, having the repeaters too far away, could not tune most of the channels.

Price: If we consider that it is a complete kit, the price is lower than expected. Therefore the product should also be taken into consideration by those who want to spend little.


Cable: In the package, you will find one of 20 meters, sufficient for many users but which, for some specific cases, may turn out to be a bit too short.


TV Antenna Amplifier

GBS Elettronica SRL Indoor TV amplifier with LTE filter 1 

The GBS Elettronica SRL TV antenna amplifier plays a crucial role in enhancing the signal in poor reception areas. It features four outputs to connect different appliances and thus enhance the viewing experience throughout the home.

Users complain only of a specific size of the product, Best outdoor tv antenna making it difficult to place it without making it noticeable too much. Even with the gain set to a minimum, it manages to deliver excellent results, proving to be one of the best amplifiers on the market.

If you do not find any change in the vision of the channels, the problem could be due to the antenna, as reported by some users who had, at least apparently, problems with the device.

TV antenna power supply

TV power supply 2 OUTPUTS 300mA Connectors F

Often the fault of the bad reception of the channels is attributed to the antenna or to the position in which you are located. In some cases, however, it could be the TV antenna power supply to give problems.

After evaluating all the options, purchasing a power supply could solve the mystery, and users recommend the Life product, from 300mA in this regard.

According to the tests carried out by consumers, the Best outdoor tv antenna can filter out noises well and is very simple to install, so you will not have to resort to an expert in the sector with an additional outlay of money.

Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best TV Antennas?

To buy a TV antenna suitable for your purposes, you have to consider several factors. Above all. Suppose you aim for low-cost products. Do not expect miracles since the reception could be limited only to the main channels on the market. There are different types from a few tens of euros to several hundred. And they differ not only in performance but also in size and ease of installation.

Live in an apartment in the city but have bad reception. Because buildings surround the condominium antennas. Or you are on the lower floors. The solution may not be the simplest. Since the cheap antennas to be installed in the house or perhaps on the balcony. They will have the same problem as the condominium ones. i.e., they will not correctly grasp the signal. 

However, it must also be said that the digital terrestrial signal, compared to the analog one, has higher power, allowing at least the reception of the main channels such as Rai and Mediaset even in particularly unfavorable conditions.

Indoor or outdoor?

In general, indoor antennas should only be used in suitable conditions, i.e., Without too many buildings around your home. And with a repeater that is no more than about 40 km away. Of course, these characteristics may vary according to the product chosen. however, Best outdoor tv antenna to get the most out of indoor antennas, it is generally necessary to install them near a window or a wall overlooking the outside. Making sure that it is not near walls made of reinforced concrete. Whose shielding could prevent the correct passage of the waves?

Outdoor antennas are slightly more efficient, but again it depends on the type of model. The low-cost ones have a low gain of less than 30 dB and will not guarantee a high-performance difference. At the same time, professional products for a few hundred euros certainly manage to prove to be more efficient and able to tune many more channels. The recommended gain is at least 35 dB, which is the minimum value for receiving a satisfactory amount of channels.


Choosing an outdoor antenna is then necessary to evaluate. The resistance to atmospheric agents such as sun. rain, hail, and any event that could damage the antenna. Our advice is to install the product in a sheltered area but sufficiently open to not compromise the signal.

You will thus minimize the risk of damage from particularly intense gusts of wind. For example, without having to give up a clean signal.

Antennas for campers and boats

For those who love to travel without giving up the entertainment that TV programs. Can offer from time to time. There are antennas specially designed for means of transport. Such as campers and boats. These are slightly more expensive than average products. But built to withstand the friction of the wind when on the move. And at the same time guarantee optimal reception.

Their installation is straightforward. and in some cases, They offer convenience that should not be underestimated. Such as the possibility of connecting with several televisions. Therefore, if you are traveling with your family, each member will watch their favorite program simultaneously.

How to Use a TV Antenna

To make the best use of a TV antenna. You must first understand if there are repeaters in your area. Within a radius of at least 60 km. Best outdoor tv antenna If there were none. Best outdoor tv antenna The signal could be feeble. And to pick up. A very powerful TV antenna would  require to the position. Perhaps on the roof of your home without any interference due to walls. Walls or other buildings. 

Therefore, those who live in isolated areas cannot count on the help of cheap indoor TV antennas, convenient for their low cost but very basic from the point of view of performance.

Live in the city, on the other hand. The indoor or outdoor antenna could be a valid alternative as long as the repeater is in a satisfactory range. And that you do not pretend to receive hundreds of channels. These products. In fact, Usually manage to guarantee the vision of the main channels, such as Rai and Mediaset and some local networks.

How to Mount the TV Antenna

If you wonder how to mount a TV antenna. The answer is not unique since there are numerous models. And variants on the market. Suppose we are talking about a classic TV antenna. In that case, The assembly should be left to professionals in the sector. As it requires very delicate steps such as fixing the antenna. So that the wind does not cause it to move. And the connection of additional devices such as the LTE filter / 4G. And any power supplies and amplifiers for better signal reception.

If, on the other hand. We are talking about indoor or outdoor antennas of small dimensions. Do-it-yourself is allowed if not encouraged. The latter has compact dimensions. And does not require particular knowledge of antennistics. Best outdoor tv antenna All you have to do is connect the antenna via a special cable to the TV. And place it near a window or a wall overlooking the outside. 

Given their low income. This is a fundamental step and not to underestimate. The positioning will determine the quantity. And quality of the channels you will receive. Compared to the analog signal. The digital terrestrial that replaced it is less affected by light atmospheric phenomena. However, if these exceed the minimum threshold, the information transmitted will disturb entirely. Best outdoor tv antenna Making it impossible to view any channel type.

So keep in mind that a good ranking could be the best way to get all the main channels without any problems.

Amplifier and power supply

In some cases. Especially concerning classic systems. It is essential to understand how to connect the TV antenna power supply. Best outdoor tv antenna These device use to power not the antenna. But the amplifier connected to it. To make this connection. It is necessary to have some manual skills. Best outdoor tv antenna And experience with electrical systems. 

After identifying the amplifier installed on your antenna. How to clone a hard drive You will need to use one of the splitter cables to hook it to the power supply. Best outdoor tv antenna Once the procedure has been completed. All you have to do is connect the power supply to the power supply to automatically amplify the signal. Distributing it equally on all home televisions.

What is a TV antenna?

The TV antenna is an essential tool for capturing the radio signal. Be it digital or analog, broadcast by the broadcasters. It is usually possible to find them on the roofs of buildings. And condominiums since the higher they install. The better the reception will be since it will not have to cross walls or other obstacles. That could reduce the signal strength.

On the market, it is possible to find different types, indoor, outdoor, or even for transport, meeting the needs of all buyers.

How to watch TV without an antenna?

In reality, this is a paradox because the antenna is always necessary to receive the signal of the repeaters. However, it is possible not to use canonical antennas. The large ones positioned on the roofs. If you equip yourself with indoor antennas with much smaller dimensions. which can be easily installed. Even without the intervention of a technician.

On the market, there are numerous models for all budgets. However, it is good to keep in mind that the gain of these devices is much lower than a classic system. Consequently, the reception of the channels will still limit.

What is the TV antenna power supply for?

Not all systems equipp with one. However, some antennas have a power supply connected to the amplifier. Its purpose is precise to supply power to the amplifier. However, the presence of this device is not always necessary. It should introduce and taken into consideration only if the system’s losses prove to be considerable, exceeding the signal provided by the antenna.

Before introducing an amplifier with a respective power supply. Which would introduce additional noise on the signal. Try to understand if the loss may derive from worn cables or the antenna, replacing them in case of malfunctions.

How to orient the TV antenna?

When it is not possible to pick up the signal of the TV channels. There could be many problems from a broken cable to a broken antenna. In some cases, however, It could also be a simple change of orientation of the antenna. Which may have occurred following the intervention of a technician or due to a simple gust of intense wind.

So what if you suddenly can’t see any channels anymore? The do-it-yourself solution is generally not recommended since it is necessary to know the position of the repeaters in your area. However, if you have a minimum of knowledge on the subject, you can intervene independently.

Repeaters can easy found on the net by entering the keywords “tv repeaters” followed by the name of your city. Identify the closest one and enter the address on Google Maps to understand which direction it is about your position.

When you are near the antenna, using a compass. Identify the direction of the repeater and orient it towards it. You don’t have to be particularly precise. Best outdoor tv antenna but if the repeater is located to the south. you will, of course, not be able to orient the antenna to the north, hoping to receive all the channels.

Once the procedure has been carried out. All that remains is to carry out the automatic tuning through your TV to have immediate positive results. If this does not happen, the problem could be related to the system, cables, or antenna.

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