Career prospects with a CCBA course certification

Certification of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA) helps in the recognition of project leaders with 2-3 years of professional experience. The certification is highly popular and recognized worldwide. Professionals with 5+ years of experience can take high advantage of the CCBA certification and land themselves high-paying jobs. CCBA is capable of adding tremendous value to the careers of professionals involved in analysis, business consulting, project management, and quality assurance. 

IIBA’s annual business analysis salary survey report states that the salary of CCBA certified professionals is nearly 11% higher than the non-certified ones. Looking at the benefits of the CCBA certification, it is wise to take up a comprehensive CCBA course that will help you get CCBA certified and give your career a new direction.

How to get CCBA certified?

To get CCBA certified, you will be required to qualify for the CCBA exam. It’s a computer-based, 3-hour exam comprising 130 MCQs that are scenario-based and framed from the BABOK guide. The exam can be taken virtually anywhere via proctor format or at a registered PSI test center. You can prepare for the exam by taking a CCBA course as it will help you with time management and tricks to pass the exam.

Reasons to get CCBA certified

Reasons why you should consider getting CCBA certified include:

  • You can earn an average pay of $70,000+ in a year.
  • You get a chance to get noticed by top-notch companies across the globe.
  • CCBA helps in getting your resume short-listed by HR for mid-level job roles.
  • If you invest $1600 then you can have an ROI of nearly 300% within a year.
  • You get to experience exceptional career transformations.

Salary of CCBA certified professionals

On average, CCBA certified professionals earn an average salary of $70,179. At an entry-level, CCBA certified professionals earn $63,824, at mid-level earn $68,342 and at the advanced level earn $78,628.

Career Opportunities after earning the CCBA certificate

Once you are CCBA certified, you can choose lucrative career options like:

    • Project Manager: With this professional certificate of CCBA, you can start your career as a project manager and help your organization to grow its business by contributing to planning, procurement, and execution of projects.
  • Business Analyst Consultant: CCBA allows you to take up the job role of a business analyst consultant. After getting CCBA certified, you become competent in handling your clients and making them understand your business requirements and objectives.
  • Trainer: With a CCBA certification, you gain the required knowledge and become eligible to guide other prospective candidates who are looking forward to becoming CCBA certified. By becoming a CCBA trainer, you can help other business professionals to shape their careers.
  • Quality Assurance Professional: By gaining the CCBA certification, you gain the skills to look after the quality of business processes and ensure that mistakes are prevented and everything is on track.


After learning about CCBA certification and the associated career prospects in this article, we are sure that you must be interested in taking up this certification and have a rewarding career ahead. So don’t wait if you have made up your mind. Get yourself enrolled in a CCBA certification course and get certified as soon as possible!

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