How to Clear Cache on iPhone?

How to clear the cache on the iphone. Clearing cache is a great way to increase your phone’s speed and give it a boost for efficient performance. Clearing cache from iPhone and iPad is easy. Also, anyone can do it in simple steps. Clearing cache from Safari and any application will free up space, and your phone can work properly.

Clearing cache from iPhone or iPad is almost the same, and it is a hassle-free process. For optimum speed, it is necessary to clear cache from time to time from your iPhone. So, how can you clear the cache from your iPhone?

Clear Cache on iPhone

You can remove the cache in your iPhone with two different methods. The first one is from the safari, and the second is from an app. Both will be good for your phone’s speed and performance.

Clearing Cache from Safari

Clearing cache from safari is not complicated as one can think. Few things that you can do to clear cache are:

        Go to the settings in your iPhone and scroll down.

        Find Safari and open it.

        After you open Safari, scroll down a little more.

        A clear history option will be visible to you as you swipe down.

        Click on clear history, and then confirm.

        It will remove all the previous history, as well as remove you from all the websites you previously logged in to.

Clearing cache from Safari will remove all the previous history, free up some space and protect your phone from viruses or threats. A virus can enter your phone anytime, usually when you log in to a few websites or add your email to any website.

Clearing cache from Safari is a good practice to keep your phone protected and clean from viruses.

Clearing Cache from App

Another option available for you to clear cache is within the applications. Sometimes your phone starts misbehaving or lags a lot when you use it for a little bit. It is mainly due to any particular application that you may have recently installed. Another reason you may want to clear cache from an app is due to inappropriate space in your iPhone.

So, clearing cache within applications is also very simple, and you can do it within 3 to 4 minutes.

        Visit the settings section of the iPhone.

        Look for “General” and open it.

        Now, tap on iPhone Storage beneath the accessibility option.

        Here, you will see an “offload” option.

        Before choosing the app, you want to clear cache from and then select offload.

        It will ask for your confirmation and remove the history of the app.

        The offload option will not delete the app from your phone. It will only bring it to the initial state.

Clearing cache from an app in iPhone will optimize your phone’s performance and boost the speed. Also, free up some space and make your phone run smoothly. Thus, clearing cache once in a while from apps is also very important.

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