How to cook rice on stove?

How to cook rice on stove?

Rice is the perfect diet and full meal that is famous worldwide. Many different nations are enjoyed it in different ways. However, rice can be made with other ingredients and recipes. In the following article, we get to know about How to cook rice on the stove? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

According to nutrition, rice is rich in protein, fiber, sugar, etc. that’s why nutritionists recommend rice as a full meal. Moreover, excess of everything is bad normal quantity is good for body and health to cook rice on the stove. Countries like Malaysia, Bangladesh eat boiled rice mostly with seafood, etc to cook rice on the stove. 

Furthermore, it gives energy and regulates metabolism to cook rice on the stove. Avoid constipation and help in the digestion of food. The risk of getting cancer becomes very low after including rice in the diet to cook rice on the stove. 

Let’s discuss how a person can make rice on the stove?

Method to cook rice on the stove

Nowadays, there are many methods to cook rice, like in an oven, fryer, etc. Following are the steps that help you make the rice on the stove.

1- If you want to boil rice, first of all, clean rice from stones or some extra stuff to cook rice on the stove.

2- Simmer it in the water for some time. These steps will allow you to use less water while cooking it. The more you soak it, the less water is required during cooking to cook rice on the stove.

3- Keep the water ratio like 2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice. This ratio will be much helpful during the cooking of rice.

4- You can add salt and little oil while boiling it at the end when water gets dry to cook rice on the stove, cover it with a lid and leave it on the low flame to cook rice on the stove. This is helpful in the effective cooking of the rice.

5- if you want to make brown rice, you can follow the same water and rice ratio to cook rice on the stove. Make it double or triple accordingly. 

6- some spices and extra stuff like meat or vegetables can be added to the brown one according to the taste.


Rice is a highly rich nutrient meal that can help maintain body fat. It can be eaten as a pre-or post-workout meal to maintain the diet and the body’s number of fats or calories to cooking rice on the stove. The above-given method will help you make rice on the stove. The ratio gets changed if you are doing it in the oven or the air fryer to cooking rice on the stove. In many regions, the method of making rice is different. So, for more details and to share your experience, mention it in the comments below.

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