How to defrost the freezer?

How to defrost the freezer?

This is a situation that requires your intervention. You will not be able to ignore the problem for long because, in the long run, you may have difficulty opening the drawers to defrost the freezer (if it is an upright freezer). Furthermore, food stored with too much ice around it does not keep its properties intact.

You have to defrost the freezer! SulSicuro gives you some suggestions if you don’t know-how.

When does the freezer make too much ice?

But before we understand how to defrost the freezer, let’s try to see why this mass of ice is formed.

It all starts when you open your freezer. With this action, there is always a temperature excursion that is not good for your appliance. When hot air enters the freezer compartment, where the temperature reaches several degrees below zero, it reduces its volume, condensing the humidity inside. If we have water droplets on the inside of the appliance in the refrigerator, we will end up with a large amount of ice in the freezer.

If this happens too often, something is wrong. Either you open the freezer too often, or there is some component that is not working efficiently. It could be a deteriorated gasket or a problem with the thermostat.

Defrosting the freezer: what you need to do to prepare the “set.”

Before defrosting your freezer, you must turn off the appliance. In this way, you will avoid unnecessarily consuming electricity—store food stored in the freezer in a cooler bag or insulated box to keep it from thawing. Be careful as some may have stuck to the walls.

Then you have to remove all drawers or shelves if you have a chest freezer. Check if your freezer has a drainage tube in the bottom. If so, take out the hose and connect it to a longer hose that you will use to drain the water. Also, put old newspapers on the floor around the refrigerator and freezer to absorb the water.

How to defrost: here are the methods.

To defrost the freezer, you can resort to several methods. They are all compelling; there is the one that takes more time, the one that involves more problems … but in general, they are all simple to apply. You won’t need our intervention, just some good advice.

Defrost the freezer naturally.

You can let the ice melt naturally. Leave the appliance off overnight, and once the ice has melted, clean the freezer. It is the slowest but certainly the safest method there is.

How to defrost the freezer with a hairdryer

Produce heat thanks to the hair dryer to defrost the freezer! It is a safe and effective method if you take the necessary precautions – staying away from and keeping the line away from puddles of water.

Use a fan to defrost the freezer.

If you live in a scorching area or it’s summer, you can try pointing a fan at your freezer. This way, the hot air should melt the ice.

How to quickly remove the ice from the freezer: use the pots

If you don’t want to wait too long to defrost the freezer, you can put a jar full of boiling water on the empty shelves. If you clean your appliance frequently, you should remove the ice after about twenty minutes.

a hot spatula

An alternative to the pot filled with water is a metal spatula left to heat over the fire. Take it while wearing oven gloves and place it on the ice of the freezer to melt it.

Or a warm cloth

Dip a washcloth in boiling water and use it over the frozen parts. You will see that in a short time, they will have turned into water.

Defrosting the freezer: the last thing to do

You can also use your hands, a cloth, or a spatula to help you remove the ice once the mass has begun to melt. Do not use sharp objects as you may damage the freezer.

Once the freezer has defrosted, wipe off any remaining water and clean the shelves. Also, take advantage of this to check the seals and make sure everything is in order. Before turning the appliance on again, make sure there are no wet spots; you risk that the ice will form immediately again. Once you’ve finished these steps, your freezer can be as good as new. But remember to defrost your freezer periodically so the appliance stays clean and you never have to work too hard to remove the ice.

How long does it take to defrost the freezer?

The time it takes to defrost the freezer depends on the method you use to do it. It can take several hours or a few minutes – it all depends on how hot it is! If you have “time to waste,” let nature take its course. On the other hand, if you want to hurry up right away, use heat sources to melt the ice quickly.

How to remove the ice from the freezer without turning it off?

If you cannot turn off the freezer because it is connected to the refrigerator, you will have to organize yourself to complete all the operations in the shortest possible time. So, try to use all methods that require the use of boiling water.

However, we recommend that you turn off the appliance when possible because it consumes much more minor.

Why does the No frost freezer make ice in the freezer?

The No Frost technology present in some freezers and refrigerators provides a forced air circulation cooling system. In short, cold but dry air is introduced into the appliance, significantly reducing internal humidity. Thus, ice production is limited, and there is no need to defrost the freezer.

That sounds like the ideal solution: no more cleaning and better storage for your frozen foods. The problem comes when the No Frost freezer doesn’t freeze. It is likely that a breakdown has occurred, but do not panic: call SulSicuro, and in no time, your freezer will freeze again as before!

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