How to permanently delete Instagram?

How to permanently delete Instagram?

Instagram is no doubt the most popular photo and video sharing app. In 2012, it was purchased by Facebook for 1 billion US dollars. The younger generation uses it. They set different trends. Brands use this platform to reach their target audience. Even businesses are working from scratch and earning handsome amounts of money as profits. It is very simple to use. It attracts teens because of its impressive user interface and amazing features. Besides sharing photos and videos, you can advertise your enterprise here. You also have access to different tools to edit photos and videos. In the following article, we learn how to delete Instagram permanently? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

And what’s more exciting about this app is that it is completely free to use. All the features and tools are available for every ordinary user. So now, whether you want to flex luxuries or stalk your favourite personality, Instagram is a full-fledged package accessible to you.

Deleting Instagram Handler Permanently

You might be here to look for a way to delete your Instagram account permanently. Well, there cannot be a single reason behind that.

People can delete their social media accounts for the following reasons:

  •       They have found an alternative app and do not want to stay on the platform anymore.
  •       They want a permanent break from all the social media or any one of it.
  •       They are deleting the account because they want to create a new one for some reason.

If you are also one of them and do not know how to do it, don’t worry. Before moving towards the guide to delete your Instagram handler permanently, do not forget to save all the data.

Saving Data Before Deleting Instagram Account

  •       Open the app. Click on the profile icon that is in the lower right corner.
  •       You will see three vertical lines. Tap on it.
  •       Now go to the Settings option that is at the bottom.
  •       Find the option of Security from the Settings and open it.
  •       Find the option of Download Data.
  •       Click on Request Download after entering your email.

You will receive a file from Instagram within two days. It will contain all your account data, including photos, videos, comments, and other information.

Deleting the Account

Like Facebook, you can permanently delete your account or temporarily disable it. To delete the handler, always need to log in to your Instagram account from your browser.

  •       After logging in to Instagram through the browser, go to the account removal request page. You can also access the Delete My Account page by following the Account Deletion Help article’s link.
  •       Choose a reason from the menu dropped down.
  •       Enter the password to confirm it is you.
  •       Click on the Delete button.

Your account will be deleted in thirty days. But if you change your mind and do not want to delete your account, go back to Instagram permanently. Add login details. You will have the option of keeping an Account. Click on it, and it will not delete. But all this should be done before the thirtieth day; otherwise, it will be deleted permanently, and you would not be able to get it back no matter how much you try.

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