How to reverse image search

How to Reverse Image Search?

How to reverse image search. Image search is a process of searching an image on google in a similar way as you search text on google. Image search is for when you want to know the origin of that specific photo. Or you even want to search for something through the image. 

It is a great option to search for something, and most of the search engines do provide this opportunity to make an image search. But if you cannot see that option available for your desktop or mobile, you can add this easily to your device.

Many options and different methods are available you can follow to avail this option. So, first, start with searching images in Google on your desktop.

o   Reverse Image Searching on Google

Reverse image search on Google using a desktop is super-easy. All you need to do is:

        Go to your google search.

        Type, which will take you to the image search.

        Here, you can paste the URL of the image you want to search or even directly upload the image.

        When you upload a photo or paste the link, you will get a list of sites that used this image. As well as you will get information about the original image.

With these few simple steps, you can quickly reverse image search on google for desktop.  

o    Image Searching on Android


Although the method described above is valid for the desktop version, what if you want to search for an image using your phone? Being an android user, you can follow these steps:

        To get this option on your android. First, you need to turn on the desktop version of chrome on your phone.

        Open Chrome on your mobile phone and tap the three-dotted button. Find the option of a desktop version and click on it.

        Once the desktop version is on, it will automatically load the camera option.

        Here, you can upload an image from your camera roll and search whatever you want. It will show all the relevant results.

o   Reverse Image Search on iPhone

Searching for an image using an iPhone or iPad is also an easy task. With a few simple steps, you can search for an image quickly. Follow the steps mentioned below:

        Open Chrome or Safari on your iPhone.

        Scroll down, and you will see the three-dotted line.

        Click on that dotted line and open the desktop version.

        The upload image option will be visible to you, and you can search for an image.

        An alternative to this method is also available, and you can easily search for an image.

        Open the safari on your iPhone, and search

        It will make that option visible to you, and you can upload an image from your camera roll.

All the methods are applicable no matter which device you are using, and you can reverse search an image quickly. The described easy steps will help you make a smooth and easy search.
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