How to scan a QR code on iPhone?

In early times, nobody knows about QR codes. Only some big stores and companies are using it to track the product in the supply chain. However, nowadays everyone has know-how about it and in some phones, there is built-in technology of QR code in the phones. In the following article, we get to know about How to scan a QR code on iPhone? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Companies use them for marketing and advertising campaigns. They give discount codes by scanning them. Moreover, in covid days many companies have benefitted from this. They offered a lot of discounts deals while using it as well as it is also very helpful in tracing the subjection of the virus.

Apple products have built-in technology in cameras to scan QR codes. And it’s very easy to scan these codes through your iPhones or iPods. Therefore, people adopted these technological and latest devices more than other company’s devices.

You are the one who doesn’t know how to scan QR codes? So, here you come to know every bit about it.

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Steps to scan QR code

Following are the steps that can be followed to get enough knowledge about how to scan QR codes.

1- Open the iPhone and head to the settings of the phone.

2- open the option camera from there and make sure that the option ‘scan QR code’ is enabled.

3- Now open the camera of the iPhone and keep the lens of the camera towards the code.

4- Within seconds, you get a notification about the QR code and you get to know what discount or offer is hidden in it. 

5- Those phones who do have not have an option to scan it can download an app from the app store.

6- There is an app “QR reader” download it and you can scan a QR code easily. You can also scan a code in the picture or library or through screenshots as well.


The latest technology that is introduced by many companies is worthwhile for the modern age. Many companies already follow it to increase their sales. Advertising campaigns are going on through print and non-print media. QR codes are displayed in the newspapers or magazines etc and also on billboards or video campaigns. From where people can scan and get amazing offers. The above-mentioned steps will guide you on how to do it on iPhone which has a built-in latest technology. For more details and discussion let us know in the comments.

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