How to set up voicemail?

How to set up voicemail?

For the past few days, you have been busy with a series of highly demanding tasks and, for a matter of time, you cannot answer the phone calls you receive. Precisely for this reason, you are thinking of activating the answering machine on your smartphone or landline phone in your home: in this way, potential interlocutors will have the opportunity to leave you a message, and you, in this way, will be able to know who was looking for you immediately. And for what reason, then acting accordingly. In this article, we read about How to set up voicemail?

Reception of Messages

Suppose your intentions are precisely these but, as I guess from the fact that you are reading this guide. You do not have the faintest idea of ​​how to enable the reception of messages. On the answering machine, then you are in the right place. Below, in fact, I will show you the steps to be taken to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Whether you want to work on a mobile phone or if you wish to do it on a landline phone. Do not be afraid if you are not particularly familiar with technology. Since the procedures that I am about to explain are very simple to apply. And can be completed in a few seconds!

Before even looking at the section relating to your operator, I recommend that you look at the preliminary information chapter. In which I have given you some essential details about the answering machine services. And the “generic” ways to enable them without problems. I can do nothing but wish you happy reading!

Forwarding Voicemail

Before going ahead and getting to the heart of this guide. Let me give you some more explanations on how to use the solutions. That I am going to propose to you. First of all, you should know that the answering machine service is nothing more than the “forwarding” of calls to a  voicemail capable of containing recorded voice messages.

Although, as far as mobile numbers are concerned, this box is included free of charge in almost all tariff plans, its consultation is not always free and can have costs. The activation of the voicemail dedicated to landline numbers, on the other hand. Must often request from the operator and involves monthly fees unless otherwise indicated. For additional information on the secretarial services of Italian telephone operators and the prices applied, I invite you to consult the official websites of  TIM,  Vodafone,  Wind,  3 Italia, and  Iliad.

Bottom Line to set up voicemail

Furthermore, you should know that almost all voicemail boxes are protected by a PIN, which can be changed to be entered to listen to the messages received; initially, nearly all operators present a default access PIN. I recommend that you change as soon as possible. Below I show you the preset PINs on the voicemail boxes of the significant telephony operators.

  • TIM: The PIN is not present, and the user will be asked to set one immediately after the first access to the voicemail box.
  • Vodafone: The default code for accessing the voicemail is  123456.
  • Wind: The default PIN for voicemail access is  1111.
  • Tre, Fastweb, and  Iliad: the default code for accessing the voicemail is  1234.

As you will soon discover, the answering machine can be activated, deactivated, and verified using special codes made available by the operators. Using them is very simple: if you are on a smartphone or tablet with a cellular module, you have to open the system dialer  (i.e., the screen for manually dialing the number), type the specific code for the required function, and press the button to start the phone call. After a few seconds, you will receive a notification containing the outcome of the submitted request.

As for the landline phone, on the other hand. It is sufficient to lift the handset (or, in the case of a cordless telephone. Press the key to start a call), dial the specific code, and wait for the outcome of the request. To communicate to voice. I assure you: it is not difficult at all!

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