How to sleep with lower back pain?

How to sleep with lower back pain?

How do you sleep with back pain? Five tips for relief

Sleep with back pain is part of everyday life for many people. The causes are different. On the one hand, an injury to the vertebrae can be the reason. On the other hand, many other triggers include poor back muscles, unsuitable mattresses, slatted frames, tension, and ergonomically inadequate workplaces. We are already working on the latter. We already reported in the Aarauer Nachrichten about more ergonomic workplaces in Switzerland. In this little guide with five tips, we would like to show you how to improve your sleep despite back pain. In the following article, we get to know about How to sleep with lower back pain? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Tip # 1 – Back Pain and the Impact on Sleep

Those who feel pain have trouble concentrating, permanently focusing on the suffering, and not sleeping well. Restless and poor sleep results in further adverse effects on the body because, at night, we regenerate and allow the organism to draw new strength. If the deep sleep phase is no longer due to restless sleep, we feel exhausted and powerless. So, if you have back pain, it is best to sleep on your side at night because your spine is straight. If you are lying on your back, it is S-shaped, which can cause additional pain.

Further information and studies on back pain can be found here.

Tip # 2 – the bed

Just as you make your bed, you lie. This saying is more relevant than ever. Many people suffer from back pain that lasts throughout the day because of a poor mattress and a cheap slatted frame. High-quality slatted shelves are available in the all-natural online shop, for example. There you will find the perfect mat for every type of sleep, and there are also slatted frames for people with special sleeping needs that can be perfectly adapted to them. Incidentally, an unsuitable bed can also trigger back pain that only occurs in the morning. The mattress and slatted frame should be coordinated like a sleeping system.

Tip No. 3 – The sleeping atmosphere

Of course, the atmosphere in the bedroom is only indirectly effective when it comes to back pain. They do not relieve the pain, but if you find it difficult to fall asleep in the evening, you can ensure that there are no further disruptive factors through a calming room climate. The indoor environment influence by:

  • The wall color
  • The furniture
  • decoration
  • lighting
  • Ventilation

Design the room in such a way that you feel good and like to fall asleep in it. Ventilate the room and make sure it is at a suitable room temperature before going to sleep. Avoid aromas or room scents. Fresh air works wonders here.

Tip # 4 – relaxation exercises

If you have back pain in the intervertebral discs due to tension from sitting too long, you should do some relaxing exercises in the supine position before going to bed to loosen up the muscles. Treat yourself to a massage from time to time, place a heat pillow or bring about a conscious relaxation with, for example, yoga exercises. However, talk to a doctor beforehand about which practices suit your muscles or your problem areas.

Tip # 5 – Sports and back exercises

If you are prone to back pain because of weak muscles, you should tackle the problem at the root. Do sport and get advice from an occupational therapist on how to build up the supporting back muscles as effectively as possible to avoid severe damage to the neck and vertebral joints.

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