How to stop window condensation?

How to stop window condensation?

Condensation: how to stop it with the right windows?

Often underestimated, condensation is an unwelcome surprise that usually occurs in the colder months and can compromise, even inside our home, the surfaces of walls and windows with mold and unsightly damp spots. In the following article, we get to know about How to stop window condensation? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be handy for you guys.

Why condensation forms

It is good to clarify that we are talking about a natural phenomenon, albeit annoying, caused mainly by the increase in the percentage of relative humidity in an environment to stop window condensation. This occurs especially when the temperature drops and the air releases the vapor absorbed in the hottest periods. In contact with a colder surface, the smoke condenses, transforming into drops of water to stop window condensation.

It is easy to understand that, especially in winter, the coldest surfaces connect the interior with the exterior of a home: walls, entrance doors, and of course, to stop window condensation.

Why does moisture form?

Several factors can contribute to raising the humidity in the house, thus favoring the formation of condensation. Sometimes it takes a lot of people in a room to see the humidity build-up!

In reality, however, it is above all the most common domestic activities that favor water evaporation to stop window condensation. During a nice hot shower, for example, or in the kitchen, when you boil a pot of water to prevent window condensation.

Remedies for humidity

Reducing the relative humidity in the house is, therefore, the quickest solution to eliminate. The problem of condensation at its root to stop windows condensation.

In most cases, small tricks are enough, such as regularly airing the house. Opening the windows for a few minutes in the morning and the evening to stop window condensation.

Especially in the kitchen, it can be a good idea to pull the windows together. And activate the extractor hood while you are preparing the main meals to stop windows condensation.

If possible, you should also avoid drying clothes at home to stop windows condensation. In particular cases, however, it may still be necessary to purchase a dehumidifier to dry the air much more quickly!

The new technologies

The technological evolution in doors and windows helps not only to insulate from the cold. But to block humidity and condensation.

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