How to wash pillows?

How to wash pillows?

Few should know that on our pillow and mattresses, we dont alone take rest, millions of mites, bacteria, algae, bugs, dust, and other organisms which cause itching sleep with us. To avoid all these, we have to wash our pillows periodically to maintain padding and sport for a long time.

How often should wash pillows?

The pillows also need hygiene, as bedsheets and other room accessories have. So, it’s not wrong to wash them after 3 months, 4 times a year. And the pillow cover is cleaned once a week to maintain pillow hygiene.

How to wash pillows

Most pillows are filled with cotton, feathers, and fiberfill that can be washed in the washing machine. Just fill the washing machine with lukewarm water with detergent. Just place the pillow in it on a gentle cycle. After that, put the pillow in the dryer, and after that, your pillow is ready to use.

But that trick could not work on foam pillows. It may tear into many pieces. To avoid this, use different pillow covers that you change after 1 week. You can also use a hot dryer to prevent moisture, bacteria, fungi, bugs, and other harmful organisms.

If your washing machine is not big enough to wash a pillow, use your bathtub. Add warm water in it with detergent and hydrogen peroxide. Soak for 3 hours, then rinse with your hands. Then must drain the tub and now use the shower and squeeze it so that all different waterfall off. Now hang it for several days until it drys perfectly. You have to wait until the summer to get a high temperature for drying for this procedure. But if you are washing it in winter or autumn, use your hot dryer to dry it completely. First 20 minutes, use it at high speed, then set the rate on medium or low for the rest of the dryer.

Tips for pillows

Give your pillow a daily fluff to restore shape and remove dust. 

Hang them in the air outside or clothesline for 2 hours or more to dry sweat moisture and avoid odor. The sun also makes them warm, killing mites, bugs, and other organisms. It’s like a natural heat cycle.

Unless your pillow is stained, dont wash them. Only dry clean. But washing your pillows is not a difficult task, so you can do it 4 times a year cause it takes more time to dry.

Dont use detergents and liquid wash too much that it takes more time to rinse off completely.

Completely drying the pillows is a difficult task. They dry outside completely but remain wet inside and cause mold production in the dryer. So use 4-5 dry towels while drying them in the dryer. It boosts this process. Also, use tennis balls or dryer balls to make your pillows more fluffy.

For foam pillows, use a tumble dryer without vacuum and heat.

Also change your pillows after a few years to get better sleep, hygiene, and health. With tha assage of time, the pads start losing, become thin and lose their oil, so change them.

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